Stehekin Valley Ranch


Stehekin Valley Ranch

P.O. 36, Stehekin, WA

Even if you don’t overnight at the ranch, you shouldn’t miss a buffet-style meal in the rustic dining room complete with high beams, log tables, and a massive hearth with a self-serve, cowboy-style coffee pot. Besides serving up plentiful home-style fare, the ranch is known for its pie. Check the menu for daily dinner specials (for example, Saturday is prime rib night) so you know what’s on. If kids don’t want a full plate special, they can order a burger off the side menu.

What’s most unique, the start of dinner is signaled with the ringing of the triangle, true ranch style, and guests gather to queue for their meal and share family-style tables. It’s festive and lively. No alcohol available, but diners can bring their own. Dinner reservations a must. Sign up at the Log Cabin Office at Stehekin Landing, or call or email before arriving.

Open daily 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in season, mid-June to early October