T-Rex Cafe


T-Rex Cafe

1676 East Buena Vista Dr, Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, FL

Dining at the T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney combines entertainment, food, and prehistoric creatures of land and sea. Several individually themed dining rooms each have their own resident animatronic dinosaur, wooly mammoth, octopus, or other oversized animal. You might be seated in the Aqua room with a gigantic fish tank in the center, or the Ice Cave which encircles you with faux walls of ice which glow in changing colors.

Tables in the Geo-Tech room give you the best view of the meteor shower on the ceiling, which takes place every 15 minutes and descends upon the entire restaurant with thrilling sounds and lighting effects. It’s fun to watch the kids freeze with their mouths open as they watch the show around them.

Make reservations in advance, or expect a long wait at this popular four-year old restaurant conveniently located next to the LEGO store and near the World of Disney store.