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Scrappy Hats: Matching Hat and Mask Sets From a Women-Owned Small Business

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Masks might be mandatory, but they don’t have to be boring. We’re obsessed with these ultra-cute, machine-washable matching hat and mask sets for kids from Scrappy Hats. These adorable and affordable beanies and mask combos can be worn alone or separately, and the hats feature a button attachment that allows the mask to be worn on top of the hat when not in use (hopefully reducing the risk of your kids losing their masks…again). 

Full disclosure: Scrappy Hats is owned by Ashley Staab, the wife of Hopjump’s President. (Hopjump is Family Vacation Critic’s parent company.) 

Scrappy Hats

Scrappy Hats is a small, women-owned business based out of Massachusetts. Founded and run by Ashley, a self-described “proud mom of two”, the company was inspired by Ashley’s study abroad stint in Australia. While in Australia, Ashley noticed that local schools and parks all posted rules requiring hats to play outside (in an effort to prevent sun damage). Ashley wanted to protect her kids from the sun, but struggled to find hats that didn’t “make them look like infants or mini teenagers.” So, during quarantine, she started Scrappy Hats, launching a line of stylish (and kid-appropriate) trucker hats, beanies/masks, and snap back hats

Scrappy Hats

When Ashley was designing the hats she wanted them to be “functional (let’s be real, kids are HARD on things), affordable, and stylish.” She designed the beanies with value and diversity in mind, saying, “it can be a regular super cozy fleece lined beanie, and when you add the mask option, gives kids the perfect setup for a day of outdoor play—they’ll be super warm and safe! If the weather is milder, or they are only outside for a short recess, they can attach their regular daytime mask to the hat to ensure it stays on and is protective.”  

The company’s unique name comes from Ashley’s nickname “scrappy”, which her late father affectionately called her as a kid. “My father was my number one supporter and believed that I could accomplish anything,” said Ashley. “The nickname Scrappy illustrated his faith in me while also highlighting that it may not always be pretty but with grit, wide eyes, and a big heart, you can get the job done. The logo was designed with love using handwriting from an old letter from my dad. The story behind the logo and the creation of this small business has provided an important lesson to my children, especially my daughter, as they have watched from the sidelines a dream become a reality.” 

Struggling to get your kids to keep their masks or hats on? Ashley’s advice is to give your kids two options. “I’ll say ‘do you want to wear this tie-dye disposable mask, or would you rather the Elsa frozen one?’ That way,  it’s not a question of do you want to wear a mask, it’s which one you want to wear. I’ve also found that disposable ones, that have the little piece you can pinch on the nose, gives kids a little more breathing room.”

As for the masks on the Scrappy Hats, they are cotton lined and can be adjusted to be worn over the mouth, on the forehead making it a regular beanie, or taken off completely. Any mask is compatible with the buttons on the beanie, so you can swap out the mask for your own if you like. So if your kids prefer a disposable mask, or have a favorite one, those can be attached to the beanie and worn effectively that way.

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