Omni Shoreham Hotel Review

2500 Calvert Street NW, Washington DC
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Editor’s Review of Omni Shoreham Hotel

Editor’s Rating 4/5 Sometimes a hotel just gets it right. Conceived during the roaring 20's, the Omni Shoreham Washington DC opened its doors in 1930 and spent the next many years welcoming world leaders, presidents and celebrities into its glamorous arena. In 1964, the Beatles took an entire floor for their first performance in the states. Clinton played his saxophone here at his inaugural ball. Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli, Bob Hope all performed in these rooms. In more recent times Julia Roberts filmed parts of the Pelican Brief at the Omni. And the list goes on.

Sitting on 11 acres overlooking Rock Creek Park and boasting 836 guest rooms, this grand dame of hotels, beautifully remodeled through the years, awaits exhausted parents seeking a
... more comfortable resting spot after hours of sightseeing.

The Omni's history is impressive, sure, but there's so much more to this hotel than just yesteryear stardust. To begin, there's the super close location to the National Zoo and, a little further away, the Washington National Cathedral. Then there's the place's golden-era resort feel with its country hideaway style, the inviting outdoor pool, kid's pool, hot tub, small spa and well-appointed fitness room. The fine dining restaurant and elegant lounge add to the old world charm.

Last there's the many small personal touches sprinkled throughout a family's stay at the Omni. When you first arrive the kids are welcomed with colorful backpacks bursting with toys, a water bottle, a flashlight, licorice and more. Later that evening, with a light tap at the door a silver tray appears holding large chocolate chip cookies and frosty glasses of milk for the kids.

Parents will love a stay at the Omni for the elegance and location. The sumptuous lobby, laden with long stem roses, sits beneath six beautiful chandeliers. Kids, if they're anything like my two boys, will always refer to the Omni as "that pretty hotel that gave me a flashlight." less

Our Editors Love
  • Easy walk to the National Zoo and very near the National Cathedral
  • Resort-like outdoor pool
  • Welcome backpack for kids
Family Interests
  • Bicycling
  • Hiking
  • Museum/Cultural
Family Amenities
  • Babysitting
  • Cribs
  • Kitchenettes
  • Onsite Dining
  • Pool
Editor’s Planning & Tips
All About the Extras
The Omni offers Internet, but there is a daily fee. To get around this, guests can sign up for the free Omni loyalty program. ... Get more Planning and Tips

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At the Omni, families choose between several different kinds of rooms all hearkening back to a golden era when rooms were large, closets were spacious and doorknobs were made of glass. Choose between the Deluxe Rooms, Classic Suites, One-Bedroom Suites or Presidential Suites.

All of the rooms offer you the choice of a king, two queens, two doubles or a variation depending on the size of your room. In other words, if your tired, sightseeing body longs for the square footage of a queen- or king-sized bed, you're set at the Omni.

Also, if you love working out in the privacy of your own room request the Omni's Get Fit guest room where you'll find an honest-to-goodness motorized portable treadmill and Get Fit ... more kit. Now that's a cool amenity.

We stayed in a super comfortable one-bedroom suite decorated in a soft butter color scheme. I was relieved to see the two queen-sized beds and we all loved that both the bedroom and the living room had large flat screen televisions with great cable. The kids' channels happily included Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network.

I absolutely loved the small refrigerator that comes standard in each room with no charge. It's perfect for stashing milk and, later, leftover pizza.

Also, I strongly recommend signing up for Omni's "Select Guest Loyalty" program. Membership is free to all guests and a host of great perks come your way at your first visit including in-room Wi-Fi, pressings, shoe shine, morning beverage delivery (with incredible hot chocolate), a daily copy of USA Today and more. Plus, you'll earn a free night after staying ten nights.

Every self respecting hotel over a certain age has a ghost room. Not to be outdone, the Omni has an entire ghost suite with two friendly ghosts that make their selves known from time to time. The story goes like this: an old stockholder moved his family into the hotel as their permanent residence; however the executive housekeeper and the family's young daughter died under mysterious circumstances. Later, after renovation, a music box can still be heard coming from the room in the early mornings. Other strange happenings add to the lore. The Ghost Suite, with the most magnificent views of the city in the entire hotel, comes with two rooms (and the possibility for connecting rooms), a formal living room, dining room, library and master bathroom. If your family is brave, or merely disbelieving, request room 870. Guests do occasionally stay in this suite, but at the time of this writing only one staff person will agree to clean the room.

The Presidential Suite is larger than my first house at 1,736 square feet and includes a dining room for eight, a library, a full kitchen, fireplace and balconies with views of Rock Creek Park. less
Family Reviews
Very friendly staff, great outdor pool, large and well appointed rooms we loved it and cant wait to go back... more
Great Location!
by sandrose
We stayed here for 4 days at the end of August and had a great time. The location was great with 2 kids-within walking distance to the metro, and not too long of a ride to get to the sights of DC. It was a bit too long of a ... more


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