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Cable Cars


Cable Cars

1201 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA

They might look to the kids like something out of a museum, but cable cars, which were introduced in San Francisco in 1878, remain a popular form of public transportation today. They are also a great way for your family to take in some of the best views San Francisco has to offer. All of the three San Francisco cable cars cross over the top of Nob Hill, a great vantage point for the entire city, and the two lines that originate on Market Street in the heart of San Francisco’s downtown, will take you to Ghirardelli Square and Fisherman’s Wharf. Rides cost $3 per person, but families who are in town for a few days or longer should look into buying a passport that costs $9 for one day $15 for three days and $20 for seven days, and provides unlimited riding on the city’s trains, busses and cable cars.

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