Family Activities:

Children’s Museum of Eau Claire


Children’s Museum of Eau Claire

220 South Barstow Street, Eau Claire, WI

What we love about the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire is that while it encompasses three floors and 10 permanent exhibits, it doesn’t feel too big or overwhelming for youngsters (and their parents).

Exhibits include Body Smarts, where kids can slide their way through a gastrointestinal tract that passes gas (and guarantees giggles); Bitty City, where they can run a restaurant and visit the grocery store; and Water Works, with interactive pumps, wheels and more!

The museum offers a sensory kit and noise-cancelling headphones for children with special needs. You can also download a map with important notes about lights, sounds and more at each exhibit.


Hours are 9 to 5 on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; extended hours until 7 p.m. are offered on Thursdays, and on Sundays, the museum is open between noon and 5 p.m. It’s closed on Mondays.


Another thing we love about this museum? Admission is affordable! It’s just $6 per person (both kids and adults), and free for kids under age 1.