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City Garden


City Garden

8th and Market St.,, St. Louis, MO

There’s more free family fun located in these two blocks of downtown St. Louis than the rest of the city combined. Amidst fountains, trees, flowering plants, picnic tables and green grass are 24 playful sculptures that range from oversized bunny rabbits to a super-sized Pinocchio shouting “I’m a real boy.” A number of sculptures are more abstract but still contribute to the playful, stimulating environment. Kids and adults are welcome to play in the fountains, so bring a change of clothes and a towel and let the kids get wet. City Garden is located between Chestnut and Market from 8th to 9th Street in downtown St. Louis.

Recent Traveler Reviews

A wonderful idea

by 644stuk

City Garden, has something for everyone. A linear park, that is so much more than just a park it has venues for all ages. You can see the dancing waters, the stone waterfall and wonderful...
Unexpected Pleasure!

by Steffie303

Recently toured this garden created right in the middle of an urban setting, it is like a green oasis among tall buildings. love the fountains, well designed garden beds and I am proud to show…