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Copalita Ecological Park & Ruins


Copalita Ecological Park & Ruins

Park open hours, Huatulco

There is plenty to explore within this 200-acre protected park. A small, indoor museum at the entrance of the park gives visitors a look back at pre-Hispanic culture through the many artifacts on display. Flora, fauna, numerous species of birds, iguana and more will be seen as you stroll along the tree-lined shaded pathways of the park.

Along the way, you will also discover the ruins dating back to 900 A.C. The large stone structures are still being unearthed today and many of what appear to be dirt hills throughout the park, are actually more ruins yet to be unearthed. The main square is about 60 feet high and more than 300 feet wide. This was considered the main plaza for the ancient people and nearby there is another stone structure which was once used as a ball court. The winner of these games was often sacrificed as it was considered an honor to be sacrificed to the gods.

After checking out the ruins and surrounding ecosystem, climb a few more stone steps and you will be rewarded with a magnificent viewpoint. From here, families can see where the river meets the Pacific Ocean and the cliffs and cacti below are a beauty not to be missed. It is suggested to have a tour guide when visiting, as much of the signage is written in Spanish.

Tour Length

A visit here can be done in a few hours.