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Cretaquarium – Thalassocosmos


Cretaquarium – Thalassocosmos

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What the Cretaquarium lacks in flashy tropical fish found in U.S. marine centers, it more than makes up for in local charm. Your kids will meet and learn about Mediterranean marine life like sharks, octopi, tiny seahorses and jellyfish.

Expect to spend a fine few hours watching the sharks in the large tank and getting up close personal in the touch tanks!

The Cretaquarium is located close to the port town of Heraklion, on the way to the beach community of Hersonissos.


Open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.


In-season rates are 9 euro for adults and 6 euro for kids age 5 to 17. Children under age 4 are free to enter.