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Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area


Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area

6700 W Rte K, Columbia, MO

Spread across 4,431 acres, the Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area offers many outdoor recreational opportunities for families. These include hunting, fishing, hiking, nature viewing, and — on the portions of the KATY Trail that passes through the area — biking. In fact, biking the KATY Trail State Park trail provides great fun for families and kids of all ages, and transports families to some of the area’s best nature viewing areas. One such area is the Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area Overlook, which offers panoramic views of the area, plus a closer look at the eagles that call the area home.

The overlook is located above the bluffs along the Perche Creek; if biking The KATY Trail State Park trail, you’ll reach the overlook entrance near mile marker 166.7. However, if you prefer to drive, you’ll need to go to the Providence Access parking lot at Perche Creek off of Old Plank Road. You won’t find much, if any, signage directing you to the overlook, so grab a copy of the Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area map at local visitors centers or in your hotel. You’ll find the Providence Access marked on the map at the end of Old Plank Road.

After parking your car, walk back to the parking lot entrance, where you’ll find the KATY Trail. Turn left, and walk until you see the sign marking the Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area Overlook. The walk is approximately 1 mile or so; while it is an easy, flat walk, younger kids may become bored with it, especially if it’s hot outside. Bring water with you. Once you reach the overlook entrance, you will have to climb a series of uneven steps to the top. While it can be steep, if you take it nice and easy, the climb is not too bad. Once at the top of the steps, follow the trail to the overlook deck.

Note: When parking your car in the Providence Access lot, park as close to the entrance as possible. The waters of Perche Creek do rise, and you don’t want your car under water!


Open for public use from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, dog training, launching, and landing boats allowed 24 hours a day in areas where these activities are permitted.

While most activities are free, some, such as fishing, do require a license or permit fee.

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