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Hermetic Code Tour at the Manitoba Legislative Bui


Hermetic Code Tour at the Manitoba Legislative Bui

450 Broadway, Winnipeg

Teens and adults will love this rare, mystery-laced tour that unlocks secrets from another time. The stories and information are fascinating and very cool to uncover, but not entirely easy to follow so younger children may struggle to understand what’s going on.

Architectural historian and author Dr. Frank Albo dedicated years of research to uncovering the stories and codes within the Manitoba Legislative Building, which Albo calls a “once lost temple, masquerading as a government building.” Albo now shares his discoveries with the public through the tours. Albo tours visitors through both the outside and interior of the government building while pointing out, explaining and uncovering codes like why there are two sphinxes positioned on the top of government building in Canada and the true name of the “Golden Boy” statue situated on the top.

Albo uncovers hidden hieroglyphics, numeric codes and Freemasonic symbols throughout the tour that keeps you in suspense for nearly two hours. At first glance, this tour may seem odd or boring, but we assure you it’s the exact opposite and indeed quite cool (no eye rolls from teens, guaranteed). If you like the Da Vinci Code, you will thoroughly enjoy this unique Winnipeg tour.


6 p.m. on Wednesdays, April through October


$42 per person. Tours sell out well in advance so book early.


Free parking is available outside of the legislative building