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Historic Fort Wayne


Historic Fort Wayne

1201 Spy Run Ave., Fort Wayne, IN

Many have fought over the land that is now Fort Wayne because it sits at the joining of three rivers — St. Joseph, St. Mary’s and Maumee rivers — making it an ideal thoroughfare for carrying goods from Canada all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. In 1791, the U.S. government sent General Anthony Wayne to the area to build a new fort and protect the area from Native Americans. The fort was completed in 1794 and named in honor of the general. Two additional forts were later constructed nearby. The original forts are no longer visible, but a reconstructed fort was completed in 1976 and is still standing.

The Old Fort is situated on public park grounds so the public is always welcome to wander around. Tours of the inside of the structures are only open during specific events held each year. Reenactments take place throughout the year, as well.

Donations are welcome.