Family Activities:

Honolulu Zoo


Honolulu Zoo

151 Kapahulu Avenue, Honolulu, 96815, HI

Sitting smack in the middle of Waikiki, The Honolulu Zoo benefits from balmy tropical weather perfect for exhibiting and breeding rare tropical birds. The winding paths are lush, and a great view of Diamond Head sits in the background. The zoo’s 12-acre African Savanna is home to lions, tigers, hippos, black rhinos, crocodiles (seen through underwater glass), giraffes, and African land and water birds. A troop of chimpanzees keep kids and adults roaring with their antics. The orangutan habitat will introduce you to Rusti and his companion, Violet. (Rusti has a fascinating rescue story with a happily ever after ending. Be sure to ask.)

The zoo prides itself on its special programs such as Snooze in the Zoo, Breakfast with a Keeper and the Junior Zoo Keeper program. The Zoo Summer Concert Series occurs every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.

Kids love the Keiki (“children” in Hawaiian) Zoo. The kids can pet a bevvy of domestic animals including dwarf goats and potbellied pigs, give a pony a bubble bath, milk a cow, stand in the middle of a pond of Koi fish or giggle at the guinea pigs.

Best Time to Visit the Zoo: Go early, when it first opens. The zoo is closed December 25.