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ICE! At Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center


ICE! At Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

201 Waterfront Street, Prince George’s County, National Harbor, 20745-1135, MD

Each year during the holiday season, Gaylord National Resort hosts ICE!, a very chilly experience filled with giant ice sculptures and huge ice slides. Millions of pounds of ice are carved and displayed inside a large event tent that lives outside on the Gaylord property. There is a different theme each year; previous years have seen Charlie Brown, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Christmas Around the World and more.

Inside ICE!, it is a blustering nine degrees, so be prepared for cold temperatures. Each visitor is provided with a long, blue parka coat with a hood (kid-sizes, too) that is great for that extra warmth. Families will walk through the experience and marvel at the amazing ice sculpture creations, but the highlight will surely be the multi-story ice slide. Kids will not be phased by the cold as they slide down the ice in their blue parka. Depending how many times you slide down the slide and how large the crowd is when you visit, you could spend about 20 to 30 minutes inside the actual experience. You may want to stay longer, but it’s THAT cold inside!

ICE! is offered mid-November through early January.

Things to Know/Bring
Wear boots, gloves, hats, warm clothes and a winter coat, and put the provided blue parka over your jacket. Gloves are a must. It may seem like overkill and you may be sweating for a few minutes while you put on all of your gear, but you will be grateful for all the warm attire once inside. Trust us!

Keep in mind, electronic devices also don’t like extreme cold. Phones and cameras will likely shut off if you have them out and in use while inside. They will return to normal once you’re back in normal temperatures, but try to get those photos quickly while you’re inside and then tuck your phone away.

You do not need to be a guest of the Gaylord National Resort in order to purchase tickets to ICE!

Several restaurants are located in the area and the hotel also features a few restaurants.

Parking lots and street parking surround the area.