Family Activities:

Masaya Volcano National Park


Masaya Volcano National Park offers spectacular views of the inside of an active volcano. Head to the national park situated less than 30 minutes outside of Managua just before sunset. Cars and shuttle buses line up to enter the park at sunset for optimum views of the hot magma inside the volcano, nicknamed the “Mouth of Hell.”

Only a few people are permitted at the top at one time and they can only stay for about 20 minutes. This is to protect everyone from breathing in the volcanic gases and in case of an emergency evacuation. The lava looks like a red hot flowing river inside and if you listen closely, you can even hear it roaring. Take lots of photos and be mindful of your time. Security will eventually tell you your time is up so the next group of visitors can witness the amazement.

Things to Know/Bring

Depending which way the wind is blowing, the volcanic gases can make some people cough at times. Be mindful if you have asthma or respiratory issues.


There is a parking lot at the top of the volcano at the viewpoint.