Family Activities:

Pioneer Farm Museum


Pioneer Farm Museum

7716 Ohop Valley Road East, Eatonville, WA

Kids will enjoy stopping at this hands-on little museum in Eatonville. It’s not far from NW Trek Wildlife Park. You can take an hour and a half tour of the pioneer farm or an Ohop Indian Village or do both. Dress up as pioneers, visit two 1880’s homesteads, and try your hand at pioneer tasks such as churning cream, grinding grains, and milking a cow. Work in the blacksmith shop, use a buck saw in the wood shop, and read up on yesteryear rules and punishments in the replica schoolhouse. On the Ohop Indian Village tour, you’ll participate in activities according to season, such as summer bow and arrow shooting, chipping out a canoe in the fall, and looming weaving in the winter.

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