Family Activities:

Pirate Shores


Pirate Shores

One Legoland Drive, Carlsbad, 92008, CA

Ahoy! This zone will delight all the wee buccaneers. One attraction especially fun for families is Splash Battle, where riders twist, turn and otherwise journey through waters teeming with volcanoes and pirates, aboard individual boats that come with water cannons to aim at each other and passers-by. Soakings are inevitable. On Captain Cranky’s Challenge, you board a big elevated boat that sways back and forth; it’s exciting for kids and looks scarier than it is.

At Soak n’ Sail, a play structure complete with a pirate ship, water will spray at and pour on you from many directions. Swim diapers are a must for kids under 4. For those sans swimsuits, step-in family dryers are available for a fee. At time of writing, Pirate Reef, promising more water-cannon hi-jinks, was not yet open.