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The Plaza Central Park


The Plaza Central Park

Plaza Mayor, City Center, Antigua

In Antigua, the Plaza is the place to be, a typical Spanish square built around a fountain and featuring shady Jacaranda trees and benches to take a load off. Or, active kiddos can run around and blow off steam. There are food vendors right in the square, so you can buy a snack or a drink and watch the fascinating people go by.

Vendors will approach “Gringos” and try and sell you their textiles, jewelry and carved wooden flutes and drums of varying quality. Girls with long hair will enjoy getting their hair braided in the Mayan way with colorful strands of silk.

As long as you say “No, gracias”, even the most assertive vendor should take the hint, but you’ll still probably buy a few souvenirs here. A lovely place to rest and plot your next move, the Plaza is close to much-photographed landmarks such as Arco de Santa Catalina and Iglesia de La Merced.