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Santa Juana Rural Mountain Adventure Tour


Santa Juana Rural Mountain Adventure Tour


This guided rural mountain tour offers a varity of adventures and opportunities to experience Costa Rican culture and biodiversity. Guides will drive your group to the top of the mountain and the adventure begins immediately. The stone and dirt road winds around the mountain, crossing over small streams while making a very bumpy ride up the mountain. Plan ahead if you are prone to car sickness. The car ride is beautiful, but bumpy and takes about 45 minutes. When you arrive at the top, however, you will forget about your sore back and be overcome by the expansive green and blue vistas and feel as if you’re in the clouds.

Families are encouraged to choose a potted tree, which will then be planted in their name as part of the Carbon Offset Native Tree Reforestation Program. Then it’s time to hop on a horse or hike down a trail, where you will watch oxen turn sugar cane at an authentic sugar mill at the bottom of the trail. Take a brief, but moderately intense hike on a designated trail through the rainforest to reach the waterfalls.

There are bathrooms near the waterfall area, but it’s recommended that you already be wearing your bathing suit. A natural medium-size waterfall flows into a fresh water pool where families can take a refreshingly cool dip. There are two spots available on the cliff of the waterfall to jump into the water if you’re feeling adventurous. One jump is much higher than the other and the lower one is fun to jump from even for those new to adventure. But if you’d like to keep your feet on the ground, there is easy access to a staircase down to the waterfall pool as well.

The certified guides are always with your group and will assist with all activities. They are also standing by with towels. Once you’ve cooled off, you can walk a short distance back up the trail and go fishing for tilapia in a natural pond. Your day of adventure ends with a delicious, local lunch back at the top of the mountain before it’s time to head back.

Tours leave each day at about 6:30 a.m. The entire tour takes much of the day.

$125 per person for up to three people; $99 per person for four or more people; $79 per child 12 and under

Age Restrictions
Recommended for children ages 6 and older.

Activity Level

Recommended Attire
Bring a backpack and change of clothes. It’s a good idea to wear a bathing suit, but then have long pants or shorts on over top and closed toe shoes or hiking/water sandals. There are bathrooms near the waterfall area in order to change clothes. Bringing a dry set of clothes for the ride home is also a good idea.

A local lunch is included with this tour. Chicken, rice and beans are possible options and there’s plenty of Costa Rican juice and coffee. Lunch is enjoyed in a covered area at El Mirador, the restaurant at Santa Juana Lodge, which provides absolutely breathtaking views of the mountains.

A certified guide will drive you to the top of the mountain.

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