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Slieve League or Sliabh Liag


Slieve League or Sliabh Liag

Slieve League Cliffs, Near Teelin, Carrick

The cliffs at Slieve League (sometimes called Sliabh Liag or Slieve Liag) overlook the southwest of County Donegal’s Wild Atlantic. These cliffs are nearly three times higher than the Cliffs of Moher at 600 meters or 1,972 feet!

Families can walk the 1 mile to the top of the cliffs (up a steep, but paved roadway) to a magnificent viewpoint, or drive up to the viewpoint where there is a parking lot. The roadway to drive to the top is very narrow (one car width) and windy so we recommend visiting the Slieve League Cultural Center at the Ti Linn Cafe just before the entrance, where you can park your car and hire a driver and guide to the top.

Once you’ve reached the viewpoint, you’ll be amazed by Slieve League, especially on a clear day. Wander around the viewpoint area and take photos of the cliffs and the sheep that roam the land, or hike the cliffs!

Note that the hiking trail across the cliffs can be rocky and grassy over uneven ground and parts of the trail can get very narrow. A portion of the trail is so narrow, it’s called “One Man’s Path.” There are no railings or walls situated along the edge. The trail, not recommended for beginners, takes you across the top of the cliffs and loops back around for a 3.5- to four-hour hike, depending how slowly you take it. Know your limits before hiking Slieve League.

Along the cliffs trail is the remains of a Christian monk site with a chapel and beehive hut likely used during Christian pilgrimages; a signal tower constructed to watch for a possible French invasion in the 19th century; and, near the viewpoint, stone markings in the grass that spell “Eire” and helped WWII aircraft navigate as they crossed the Atlantic.

Check out the rock formations tucked within the cliffs in the water below. If you look closely enough, you will see the Giant’s Desk and Chair — two large rocks jutting up from the ocean that look just like a desk and chair built for a giant!

If you plan to just visit the viewpoint, expect to spend an hour or so. But if you plan to hike across the cliffs, expect to spend four hours or more at Slieve League.

Things to Know/Bring

There are no restrooms or interpretive centers at the viewpoint. The cultural center at the base of the cliffs is where you will find more information about the cliffs and restrooms. After experiencing Slieve League from the top of the cliffs, take a boat tour to Slieve League to experience it from another angle in the water.


A food truck with beverages, hot dogs and snacks is situated at the viewpoint on most days.


Free parking is available at Ti Linn Cafe if you want to be driven to the top, and there is free parking at the bottom of the cliffs and at the viewpoint at the top. A gate is usually situated across the entrance up to the viewpoint, but it is there to keep the sheep in, not cars out. Feel free to open the gate and drive through — just make sure to close the gate behind you before continuing on.