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Space Center Houston


Space Center Houston

1601 NASA Parkway, Houston, 77058, TX

Cape Canaveral, Florida, and Houston — the two places were families can witness working space centers where space shuttles and astronauts come and go. Yet, Houston’s space center is not to be missed, as it is the only center in the world that allows families to watch astronauts train for their missions (at the Sonny Carter Training Facility). Take a behind-the-scenes Mission Control tour, “land” a space shuttle and touch a moon rock at the center located just south of the city.

The new Independence Plaza interactive museum is officially open: visitors can enter the replica of the Space Shuttle Independence, as well as the NASA 905 jet used to ferry shuttles back from orbit. Exhibits focus on the historic era of space shuttles and incorporate educational elements. You can enter Independence Plaza with a standard Space Center admission ticket.

Recent Traveler Reviews

Houston we got a problem!

by Ronak S

After watching tons of movies use the line "Houston we got a problem", it was exciting to finally get to the place. Johnson Space Center or Space Center Houston is a museum and active mission…
Easily could be great!

by ChrisandCandiO

Rocket park and driving around NASA where our astronauts are trained was simply amazing. Seeing Saturn 5 in person is VERY impressive. What is not impressive is how inefficiently they run the tour...