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Vermont Covered Bridges


Vermont Covered Bridges

Vermont Route 9 at Gypsy Lane, P.O. Box 260,, Bennington, 05201, VT

Covered bridges are a Vermont institution. Wherever your travels in Vermont take you, try to visit at least one of them along the way. An extended state-wide tour will likely not be on the agenda with kids, but stopping to investigate one or two is a must. Vermont has over 100 covered bridges, so there is bound to be one within driving distance from where you are. The bridges are a great place to stop and rest, have a picnic or go for a swim. The Pulp Mill Bridge in Middlebury is the oldest in the state, while the longest (277 feet) is the Scott Covered Bridge.

The Covered Bridge Museum, located at the Bennington Center for the Arts , is worth a visit for teens who express an interest — but those with little ones will want to stick to the real thing.