Looking for new sunglasses for your baby or toddler? We recommend these baby and toddler sunglasses for their durability, comfort and protection from the elements.

Written by Amanda Geronikos Norcross

Baby Banz

Baby Banz are the tried-and-true sunglasses every parent wants for their infant or toddler. The sunglasses - which come in various styles, colors and sizes -- provide 100-percent UBA/UVB protection. Many Baby Banz are polarized, too, blocking out harsh sun rays. The sunglasses are connected to a Velcro strap that secures them in place, yet makes them breathable and easy to adjust.

Approximate Price: $20

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Tuga Baby/Toddler Sunglasses

Tuga checks off all the boxes for baby and toddler sunglasses, as well, with polarized sunglasses that protect little eyes from the sun. What we love most is that these sunglasses grow with baby; they come with a strap for age 0 to 2 and another strap for age 2 to 5. These baby sunglasses also come in various colors - pink, purple, lime green and more - with a matching, hard-shell case.

Approximate Price: $15

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Babiators Unisex Polarized Surf's Up Junior Sunglasses

Babiators are so fun that we wish they were also made for adults! Not only do they come in various sizes and styles, but they also provide complete sun protection for youngsters. We recommend the Polarized Surf's Up Junior Sunglasses (made for ages 0 to 3) -- mainly because they're polarized, but also because they come in the cutest styles -- hello, sunglasses with ice cream cones!

Approximate Price: $45

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Julbo Looping Infant Sunglasses

Designed for infants 0 to 18 months, these baby sunglasses provide ultimate protection, as well as comfort. They have hinges that prevent hair or little fingers from getting caught, and their reversibility means there's no way you or baby can put them on upside down.

Approximate Price: $33

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Real Kids Shades

Real Kids Shades block out 100 percent of harsh sunlight, making them ideal for little ones and especially useful for babies and toddlers with sun sensitivity. Real Kids Shades are connected to an adjustable/removable strap, and come in various colors and sizes for babies, toddlers and even big kids.

Approximate Price: $12

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