Bellapais Monastery Village

Girne Via Mersin 10, Bellapais Road Kyrenia, Bellapais, 9514

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Amenities at Bellapais Monastery Village include two outdoor swimming pools, one indoor swimming pool, a spa, onsite family dining, and live music on certain nights. Rooms and suites feature minibars, coffeemakers, televisions, balconies, and air conditioning.

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  • Two outdoor swimming pools
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Onsite family dining

Family Amenities

  • Family Room 5+
  • Onsite Dining
  • Pool


Hotel review - not what we expected

by Lmbr99

This hotel was not what we were expecting and certainly not what it was made out to be. We only stayed 2 nights out of the 5 that we had booked and then came home.

Where to start!? This hotel was sold to us as 4*- there is a massive difference between what 4* is in England, and what it is at this hotel.

Staying at this hotel was like going back in time 30 years. We stayed in one of the Villas - lovely I thought! Well, although it looked cute it was more like a hut, all of the light fixtures were wonky and some in danger of falling off (these were made of glass) Thank goodness we didn’t touch them. The stairs leading up to the mezzanine area were coming away from the upper floor leaving screws exposed, the wooden staircase itself was creaking and bowing (a serious accident waiting to happen) there was a television which looked like something from 2003 - this didn’t work. The only plug sockets were by the front door and not by the bed where you would expect them to be, thankfully they were 3 prong like they are in England. The lock on the door didn’t turn completely, so unsure whether it was securely locked or not. The bathroom was tiny, considdering you have to put used toilet roll in the bin and not flush it, the bin was not big enough. The shower was a corner shower and was tiny, so was the bed which was uncomfortable and contributed to a bad nights sleep. The ceiling was made of woven wood and was coming apart and the paint on the walls was badly finished and rough around the edges.

The pool side looked pleasant, there were a few sun loungers, they turned out to be made of thick metal and non adjustable. So lay on that for about 20 minutes and then gave up.
There were lots of cats which were stray and seem to be being fed by the guests and maybe the hotel but many of them in need of vetinary care. I would advise that since they are sharing the area with guests that they are taken better care of to ensure that there is no illness or disease among the cats. As it is they were tame and didn’t appear to have any major health concerns (from what I could see) apart from the usual worms and fleas that you would expect from stray cats. It would be a shame for them to not be taken better care of as they are so lovely and really give the hotel some character and guests love them. They really could do with some kennels outdoors for them to sleep in at night and somewhere safe and secure for them to have their kittens as many of them are pregnant.
Food- the restraunt is situated by the pool and to access this we had to go down some stairs past the back door of the kitchen which was dirty and unsightly. On entering the restraunt, the staff didn’t meet, greet or even smile at us. The breakfast was set out as a buffet, but unfortunately didn’t have any labels to say what the items were. There wasn’t much choice and none of the items went together to create an actual meal. So I ended up with a breakfast made up of cucumber sticks, an American pancake, roast potatoes, a slice of cake and a fried egg. My partner had similar but also had some sort of sausages (I think that’s what they were) in hindsight I should have taken them outside and gave them to the cats. Needless to say, this meal later on gave him a bad stomach. The table was covered in ants and there were lots of flies. There were 3 glass containers with soft drinks in, one of them was water but didn’t say whether it was bottled or from the tap - so avoided that. The other two were some sort of extremely watered down juices.

We also ordered room service, (for lunch as this hotel only catered for half board) the menu was very basic American food with an exception to kebabs. It was very pricey but considdering the breakfast we had, we needed it. We ordered chips, 2 cans of diet coke and two bottles of water. There was nothing wrong with this, however it was clear that this was a real money maker for them as it was the only meal they didn’t provide and could charge as much as they want for it and there was nowhere else near by to get food. Meal times were: breakfast: 7-9 and dinner: 7-9 so there were 10 hours between breakfast and dinner, it’s more than likely that guests will need food between theses times. 1 can of coke from our fridge in the villa cost €2.20 which even by British standards is extremely expensive.

We booked a taxi on the morning of our departure to take us to the airport, the lady at the desk was pleasant and helpful. On leaving this hotel the person who I presume is the manager didn’t offer to take our cases down the steep stairs outside or say goodbye. Just turned his back and walked away.

This is a hotel which is really in need of bringing back into the 21st centuary and needs work to make it less of a health and safety hazard and be brought up to the standard you expect of a 4* hotel. If you're used to staying in hostels and looking to travel around the country I’m sure you’ll fine this adequate but if you’re looking for a break away at a nice safe, comfortable hotel with good food, this just isn't the place for you! It’s safe to say that staying at this hotel was an experience and the cats were really cute. But we definately wouldn’t come back.

Nice traditional village

by yrabgnilrad

Very clean village with an interesting old monastery,only a short taxi ride from Kyrenia wth a number of local restaurants.Its nice to walk through the narrow winding sreets and the view over Kyrenia is stunning