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10 Best Beach Umbrellas for 2021

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We were having a great time in Bethany Beach, Delaware, visiting the grandparents until “the incident.” A gust of wind picked up our beach umbrella, blew it down the beach, into the ocean, and far out to sea where it filled with water and… sank. Our youngest daughter, the sensitive soul, got scared and cried inconsolably until we left. Yup, that ended our beach day with Pop-Pop and Granny. After that, we learned the value of a high quality, sturdy beach umbrella. We want something heavy enough that it won’t fly away, but not so heavy that it’s a pain to haul to the beach.

These beach umbrellas work well, won’t fall apart, and will be just right for your next beach vacation.

1. Tommy Bahama Deluxe 7 Foot Beach Umbrella

Tommy Bahama’s stylish beach umbrella includes a sand auger that anchors the umbrella into the ground. The 7-foot umbrella tilts to adjust to the sun, and the vent at the top allows wind to pass through to prevent blowing away. The umbrella includes an aluminum undercoating to block more of the sun’s UV rays, giving it a UPF rating of 100.

Wakeman Outdoor Umbrella

2. Wakeman Outdoor Umbrella

This nearly 7-foot Wakeman Outdoor umbrella is more of a sun-shelter than an umbrella, providing full shade from above and the side. It has a UV protection rating of UPF 50+. Lightweight and compact, it’s easy to load and haul, and comes with a handy carrying case for easy transport.

Shadezilla Heavy Duty Umbrella

3. PIEDLE Portable Beach Umbrella

This 8-foot heavy duty PIEDLE Portable Beach Umbrella contains a silver coated underlining for more UV blockage. There are lots of different stripe patterns and styles available for this beach umbrella, including a solid white version. It tilts to adjust to the sun, has a small sand auger with twist handles to drill into the sand, and comes with a hook to hang clothes or towels to dry. And because it weighs only 5.5 pounds (including the carrying bag and shoulder straps), this beach umbrella is convenient to carry.

EasyGo High Wind Beach Umbrella

4. EasyGo High Wind Beach Umbrella

The 8-foot EasyGo High Wind Beach Umbrella has additional fiberglass ribs to protect in windy conditions. This will extend the durability and prevent the umbrella from flipping inside out. The umbrella interior has a silver lining for additional UV protection, and the bottom pole contains a sand auger anchor. The umbrella pole has extra-thick walls for increased durability to prevent snapping, and it also comes with a fabric bag for carrying.

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Sportbrella Beach Umbrella; Courtesy of Amazon

5. Sport-Brella Super-Brella Sun and Rain Canopy

Part umbrella, part tent hideaway, the Sport-Brella sun canopy has zippered side windows to let the breeze through and side flaps for full weather protection. The included ground stakes and tie down cords help guard against blowing away. The carrying case with shoulder strap help get it from the parking lot to the beach, and you can find both 8-foot and 9-foot versions.

Impact Canopy Beach Umbrella

6. Impact Canopy Beach Umbrella

The Impact Canopy Beach Umbrella offers plenty of coverage. This 8-foot cloth umbrella comes in a spike tip version or with a sand auger anchor permanently attached to the bottom pole. The beach umbrella has a tilt feature to adjust to the changing sun, and comes with a carry bag with shoulder strap for carrying to and from the beach.

Xbrella Beach Umbrella; Courtesy of Amazon

7. OutdoorMaster High Wind Resistant Beach Umbrella

It’s slightly smaller (6.5 feet) than other beach umbrellas, but the OutdoorMaster High Wind Resistant Beach Umbrella includes a clever base anchor design that allows users to pile sand into the base to stabilize it. It has been tested in 35 mph winds and stays planted on top of the sand. However, it does not have an interior coating, so it’s only rated as SPF 50+.

Frankford Beach Umbrella

8. Frankford Umbrella

The Frankford Umbrella is a handsome, classic beach umbrella with plenty of fun designs including an American flag version sure to stand out on the beach. At 7.5 feet in diameter, there’s not as much coverage as the larger umbrellas, and there is no UV lining. But the umbrella canopy is made from marine grade mold and mildew-resistant fabric, and the solid ash wood pole won’t bend in the wind. It weighs 15 pounds and comes with a carrying bag with shoulder strap.

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iCorer Beach Tent; Courtesy of Amazon

9. iCorer Beach Tent

This lightweight, easy set-up iCorer beach tent includes multiple windows for ventilation and even a zippered door for privacy. It pops up automatically and takes 30 seconds (or less) to set up. The tent is spacious when entirely open, and extremely lightweight. Fill the included sandbags to help secure it to the ground.

California Aluminum Market Umbrella

10. California Aluminum Market Umbrella

This 9-foot California Aluminum beach umbrella offers great coverage and design with olefin fabrics that are the same as those used in professional canopies. However, the aluminum frame, ribs, and pole might make it difficult to throw in the trunk of the car and haul to the sand. It weighs around 11 pounds when fully packed.

Beach Umbrella Table; Courtesy of Amazon

Beach Umbrella Accessories 

Once you have your beach umbrella, be sure to embrace the lifestyle with these accessories. Hanging hooks allow you to drape beach towels, hats, clothes, cameras, and bags from your umbrella pole without them getting in the sand. The beach umbrella table tray has cup holders, plus compartments for snacks, sunglasses and other items. The tray table is a true must for the perfect beach day! And if you purchase one of the umbrellas with a pointed end, you can always purchase a universal sand anchor to secure it into the sand, especially during strong winds.

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