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14 Best Family Card Games 2021

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Card games are a great family diversion, whether you’re at home or on the road. From the ever-popular Exploding Kittens to the new family edition of Cards Against Humanity, these are the year’s best family card games.

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition Family Card Game; Courtesy of Cards Against Humanity

1. Cards Against Humanity Family Edition

The makers of Cards Against Humanity are offering a print-and-play beta version of the game’s new family edition, designed for ages 8 and up. Originally scheduled to hit store shelves in the fall, Cards Against Humanity Family Edition has been released early so kids and families can enjoy it while they’re socially distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Rat a Tat Cat Family Card Game; Courtesy of Amazon

2. Rat a Tat Cat

Beloved by elementary age kids, Rat a Tat Cat is a fun feline-themed card game where players collect and swap numbered cards, with the goal of being the player with the lowest score. Part matching, part memory, and totally wholesome entertainment, Rat a Tat Cat—recommended for ages 6 and up—is the rare family-friendly card game where less is actually more!

Slamwich Family Card Game; Courtesy of Amazon

3. Slamwich

Slamwich is a delicious family card game where quick reflexes and a steady focus win every time. In the sandwich-themed strategy game, you’ll need to outwit “munchers,” “thieves” and other food-stealing bandits in order to gain an upper hand. Slamwich is recommended for ages 6 and up, but you can easily adapt it for younger children by leaving out the “muncher” cards. Colorfully appetizing illustrations and a cute carrying case (Collector’s Edition only) make Slamwich a lunchbox winner.

Exploding Kittens Family Card Game; Courtesy of Amazon

4. Exploding Kittens

Play action cards, predict the future, defuse doom and strategically attempt to stay alive in Exploding Kittens, the game where the object is not to blow up! It’s recommended for ages 7 and up, and expansion packs are now available.

Sushi, Go! Family Card Game; Courtesy of Amazon

5. Sushi Go!

Remember the I Love Lucy “Candy Factory” episode where Lucy and Ethel frantically try to keep up with their candy wrapping jobs as chocolates whiz by on the conveyor belt? Then you’ll quickly grasp the concept of Sushi, Go!, a fast-paced pass and go card game, the object of which is to grab the choicest combination of sushi rolls. This tasty game, recommenced for ages 8 and up, will have the whole crew rollicking with laughter. Sushi Go! Can be played by 2 to 5 players and comes in a convenient carrying case.

Nutts About Mutts Family Card Game; Courtesy of Amazon

6. Nutts About Mutts

Are your kids crazy about dogs? Then they’ll pawsitively love Nutts About Mutts, a canine-themed card game starring sweet St. Bernards, lovely Labs, dashing Dalmations, and more. The rules of play are similar to Uno, requiring players to match colors, numbers or pictures as they work to empty their hands in order to be the first to lap up a victory. Great for beginning readers, Nutts About Mutts is a family-friendly, tail-wagging game for all breeds and ages 5 and up.

Family Feud Strikeout Family Card Game; Courtesy of Walmart

7. Family Feud Strikeout Card Game

The Family Feud Strikeout Card Game is a survey question showdown—starring your family members as feuding teams! Similar to the popular TV game show, this card game poses survey questions and penalizes teams with strikes for incorrect answers. Get three strikes, and your team is out! Recommended for ages 10 and up, Family Feud Strikeout can be adapted for younger players in a team play format, as well as modified to be a two-player game.

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Grandpa Beck’s Cover Your Assets Family Card Game; Courtesy of Amazon

8. Grandpa Beck’s Cover Your Assets 

Collect and protect valuable assets—and attempt to steal your opponents’ assets—as you strive to be the first player to earn $1 million in Grandpa Beck’s Cover Your Assets. Fast-paced and fun for the whole family, Grandpa Beck’s Cover Your Assets can be played by 2 to 8 players in around 30 minutes, making it a great after-dinner activity that will have your crew racing to get the dishes done. Recommended for children 7 and up.

Don't Touch My Jewels Family Card Game; Courtesy of Amazon

9. Goat Lords

If you like the card game Cover Your Assetts, then you’ll love Goat Lords, a sparkling twist on a classic card game where players must work to. become the Lord of the Goats. Recommended for ages 8 and up, Goat Lords is easy to learn and is great for teaching critical thinking skills. You’ll definitely want to add this gem to your family game night treasure chest!

Monopoly Deal Family Card Game; Courtesy of Amazon

10. Monopoly Deal 

Modeled after the classic board game, the card game Monopoly Deal is just as fun as the original version, with several surprising twists that make it a frequent replay winner. In this card game version, paper money is replaced with cash cards, and wild cards keep the game lively and competitive. Designed for play in a small space and bargain priced, Monopoly Deal is a great deal of a family card game. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Monster Match Dice and Family Card Game; Courtesy of Amazon

11. Monster Match Dice and Card Game 

Monster Match is a frightfully fun speed recognition game in which players roll the dice, then match cards to identify donut-snatching monsters and collect points. Monster Match, recommended for ages 6 and up, comes in a convenient adorable monster pouch and can be played by two to six players.

Card 'n Go Seek Family Card Game; Courtesy of Amazon

12. Card ‘n Go Seek 

Get the kids up and moving with Card ‘n Go Seek, an active scavenger hunt game! The object of the game is to find and retrieve a variety of items, from a something sweet to something that would make it through airport security. Card ‘n Go Seek is recommended for children ages 7 to 15, but older teens will enjoy it, too, and younger kids can easily play along when teamed with older family members.

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We Rate Dogs Family Card Game; Courtesy of Amazon

13. We Rate Dogs! The Card Game

Based on the popular internet account, We Rate Dogs is a canine-lovers card game where players compete to win Best in Show in a simulated dog show competition. Select a contestant from your hand, then use cards to increase your pup’s rating. Be careful where you step, because tempting snacks and other pawsitively irresistible distractions threaten to sabotage even the “goodest” dogs. Despite your “bestest” manners, you might find yourself in the doghouse instead of in the Winners’ Circle! Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Uno Flip Family Card Game; Courtesy of Amazon

14. Uno Flip

A new twist on the classic family card game, Uno Flip features double-sided cards and a FLIP card, plus new action cards that include “Draw Five”and “Skip Everyone.” It’s recommended for ages 7 and up.

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