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12 Best Portable Chargers 2021

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While each family travels differently, with some preferring the scenic beauty of national parks, some the art and culture of big cities, and others the off-the-beaten paths that zigzag across the country and the globe, we all share a common dread: a dead phone and with it, the absence of Google Maps and Waze to get us where we’re going next (and the ability to show everyone on Instagram where we are!).

No matter how often you travel and how far away from home you roam, you need a portable charger in your backpack, purse or car’s glove compartment. Here are the 12 best portable phone chargers to ensure your devices never run out of battery.

INIU 10000mAh Portable Charger; Courtesy of Amazon

1. INIU 10000mAh Portable Charger

At 10000mAh, this compact, yet powerful power bank will charge two devices at the same time and charge them twice or three times over (depending on the type of phone/tablet) before needing another charge. Compatible with all devices and USB inputs, this portable charger is a one-stop shop for your family’s cadre of portable electronics. A Micro USB cable is included to help you make sure this fine INIU charger is always charged when you need it most.

ANKER Powercore 5000mAh External Battery; Courtesy of Amazon

2. ANKER Powercore 5000mAh External Battery

When space concerns override charging power, there’s this slim, cylindrical ANKER Powercore portable charger. Including a travel pouch and Micro USB cable, the external battery will charge up an iPhone 8 to 100 percent nearly twice. And a full extra dose of life for your Galaxy S9, iPhone X users go from zero to a full charge plus about 30 percent more battery life, which—when considering how little space this portable phone charger takes up in your pocket or pocketbook—is nothing short of remarkable.

Zendure Supermini 10000mAh USB-C Power Bank; Courtesy of Amazon

3. Zendure Supermini 10000mAh USB-C Power Bank

Smaller than your trusty travel rewards credit card, this mighty mini portable charger packs a punch and should be packed in your carry-on for every trip you take. It’s capable of being fully charged in just three hours. The low-profile Zendure Supermini 10000mAh power bank will be a life-saver during your next family vacation, when it’ll charge your iPhone XS nearly three times (with a 50 percent battery boost in just 30 minutes), a Samsung S9 phone two and a half times, the Surface once, and your kiddo’s Nintendo Switch almost two extra full batteries. Bonus: use low charging mode with a double tap of the power button to restore life to your wearable tech and Bluetooth earbuds without using much of your portable charger’s life!

HALO Bolt 58830mWh Portable Charger; Courtesy of Amazon

4. HALO Bolt 58830mWh Portable Charger

The massive capacity of this HALO Bolt provides nearly eight hours of extra battery life for a 13-inch MacBook Pro, almost 20 hours on an iPad mini and a whopping 62 hours of talk time on an iPhone 7. Every road tripping family (and teen driver) should keep a HALO Bolt in their car because at 58830mWh, there’s enough power stored within this power bank charger to boot up your car, boat, and lawn mower, too—and jumper cables are included! Plus, this charger also comes with an LED flood light and separate car charger, so your extra battery pack will always be at full capacity when you need it most. It’s available in a handsome wood grain, camo, and purple paisley (for any Prince music lovers out there).

25800mAh Portable Charger Power Bank; Courtesy of Amazon

5. 25800mAh Portable Charger Power Bank

Four LED lights count down the power left in this no-fuss, ultra-high capacity power charger as you recharge up to two devices simultaneously, a total of six to eight times on a single charge. This strong, handsome portable power bank is perfect for families on long-haul journeys, like flights overseas, with phones, iPads and Bluetooth earbuds.

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AINOPE 10000mAh Tiny Portable Charger; Courtesy of Amazon

6. AINOPE 10000mAh Tiny Portable Charger

Fitting neatly into the palm of your hand, this small portable charger cuts down on the space needed to stash it away without sacrificing performance. Advertised to charge an iPhone 11 Pro up to 50 percent in just a half an hour, and charge a Samsung S10 phone two times over, this power bank charger is both mighty and mini. Three charging ports will keep your kids’ devices going and going on the plane, and with fast charging via USB C, your AINOPE portable charger will be ready to go again in no time at all.

BONAI 20000mAh Mint Aluminum Charger; Courtesy of Amazon

7. BONAI 20000mAh Mint Aluminum Charger

A whopping four inputs and two outputs in a handsome color range makes this BONAI charger a hit for teens and younger kids to use while on a family vacation. On a full charge, this cute handheld portable charger is capable of replenishing the batteries of an iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 and an iPad Mini eight, five and three times respectively thanks to an impressive 20000mAh capacity.

INIU 20000mAh LED Power Bank; Courtesy of Amazon

8. INIU 20000mAh LED Power Bank

A clever, easy to read LED display will never leave you guessing as to how much power this INIU portable charger power bank has left, and its dual USB port input means you’ll be able to recharge with your Android phone’s current charging cable. Twin outputs allow you and your family to charge a pair of devices—from any phone type to your tablet of choice—in under two hours. Thanks to a hefty 20000mAh capacity, you’ll be able to recharge your Galaxy S10 four times and iPhone XS five times over, so you’ll never be left in the dark while traveling.

Jackery 12000mAh External Battery Charger Giant+; Courtesy of Amazon

9. Jackery 12000mAh External Battery Charger Giant+

A built-in flashlight makes the Jackery Giant+ ideal for camping families or outdoor adventurers who not only want to bring their iPhone 8 to full power over five times, and charge fully an iPhone XS nearly three times, but also have an auxiliary light source for when the power is out while away on vacation. Dual USB ports allow for the charging of two devices at once and the orange casing with green lights indicating battery life make a bold statement while traveling.

Portable Laptop Charger 60000mWh; Courtesy of Amazon

10. Portable Laptop Charger 60000mWh

Every traveler with a smartphone should have a portable charger, but for business people, college students, gamers, and anyone else lugging their computer around from town to town, a portable laptop charger like this super-capacity 60000mWh unit is also a must-own. A built-in bright LCD digital display shows real-time data such as battery level, available time, overload alarm, and high/low temperature indicator, so that as you power up your MacBook, Nintendo Switch or phones, you’ll know exactly where your portable charger stands. With capacity to charge a 13-inch MacBook Pro fully two and a half times, and a iPhone 11 Pro a dizzying 12 times over, this lightweight best portable power bank is a crucial piece of gear to stash away in your carry-on luggage or school backpack.

FEELLE 24000mAh Wireless Portable Solar Charger; Courtesy of Amazon

11. FEELLE 24000mAh Wireless Portable Solar Charger

This rugged, waterproof and shockproof solar charging wireless power bank is compatible with all the latest iPhone and Samsung devices, giving your iPhone 11 new life over seven times, bringing your Samsung Galaxy S10 phones to 100 percent six times, and extending the life of your iPad Mini more than three times. With the included PD adapter, the FEELLE is itself fully charged with the solar charger in just six to seven hours. When you need a bit of extra juice for your laptop, this portable solar charger can also supply new life to your MacBook (in only three hours!), and when you need light during a power outage, the bright flashlight, SOS and Strobe Mode will aid in an emergency.

Jackery 6000mAh Pocket Portable Charger Bar; Courtesy of Amazon

12. Jackery 6000mAh Pocket Portable Charger Bar

One of the best portable phone chargers for a day out, this Jackery pocket charger bar is capable of restoring your iPhone 8 to 100 percent battery nearly two and a half times and shining the way in a dark parking garage thanks to a bright LED flashlight. Small enough to fit into a pocket or purse, every smartphone user should have a portable charger like this Jackery 6000mAh bar.

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