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11 Best Travel-Inspired Subscription Boxes for Families

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Are you pining over that freshly brewed local coffee you once had on a mountain top, or the mouthwatering pasta you had while dining al fresco in Italy? Cure your wanderlust (temporarily) by thinking outside the box–figuratively, that is!

These travel-inspired subscription boxes feature treats from around the world, delivered right to your door. Think of it as a monthly vacation!

Courtesy of Global Girl

1. Global Girl Life

Shannon Rizzo travels the world searching for female entrepreneurs and artisans whose wares she includes in her monthly Global Girl Life Culture Box. Each box is themed around one country, containing four unique items like handmade jewelry and crafts by local artisans, exotic teas or food. Bonus: A fun fact sheet about the country is tucked into each box.

Approximate Price: $49/Month

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Courtesy of Nonna Box

2. Nonna Box

Want to take a trip to the old country, without packing your bags? Specialty Italian foods can be hard to find, even in gourmet shops. But Nonna’s best condiments, cookies, pastas, sauces and more, can be found in the Nonna Box. Each month’s delivery comes with tried-and-true recipes from Italian grandmas, along with their bios (so sweet!). Recipe cards also have detailed recommendations for wine pairings. Buon appetito!

Approximate Price:  $50/Box

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Courtesy of Little Passports

3. Little Passports

When that tiny blue cardboard suitcase by Little Passports arrives with its pretend passport and wall-sized map, a lifetime love of travel will take flight. Each month’s box contains games and activities designed to spark curiosity about cultures from around the globe. Pre-schoolers will enjoy learning about new countries through the Early Explorers subscription, while older kids will appreciate the monthly World Edition or USA Edition.

Approximate Price: $15/Month

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Courtesy of Amazon

4. Driftaway Coffee

Coffee lovers will drink up this delivery of specialty coffees from around the globe. Driftaway Coffee is paired with postcards telling the stories of each month’s coffee growers and producers. Start off with a tasting kit filled with samples, then rate your preferences on Driftaway’s app or website to personalize future shipments.

Approximate Price: $13/Month

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Courtesy of Bokksu

5. Bokksu

Have a yen for Japanese culture? Bokksu honors Japanese customs by curating monthly boxes with the best flavors of Japan, often celebrating a holiday or tradition. January’s Bento box is filled with sweets and snacks perfect for ringing in Japanese New Year (Oshougatsu). Hard-to-find items include fried seaweed with blue cheese, gyokuro tea and black sesame kinako chocolate asuki beans. Try finding that at your local grocery store! Each box comes with an essential Tasting Guide explaining the flavors and stories behind each item. Choose from the Classic or less expensive Tasting Box.

Approximate Price: $25 or $39/Month

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Courtesy of Birchbox

6. Birchbox

Even before airlines started charging for checking luggage, a growing number of people were joining the carry-on club. If, like me, you’re a lady who likes to travel light, check out Birchbox. Each month’s delivery contains five travel-sized beauty samples, perfect for packing in a carry-on. And if you find a product you just love, you can buy the full-size version. Pretty simple!

Approximate Price: $10/Month

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Courtesy of SnackCrate

7. SnackCrate

Who wants to pay a pretty penny for high-priced snacks at the airport? Would you rather pass on eating fast food on a road trip? SnackCrate, featuring specially curated snacks from around the globe, makes the perfect travel companion, whether you’re on the road or in the air. Each month’s box is themed around a new country, making it a fun way to learn about other cultures with your kids.

Approximate Price: $25/Month

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Courtesy of Tea Runners

8. Tea Runners

The Tea Runners subscription box features unique flavors from small batch producers. Whether you choose to have it delivered monthly, every second month, or every third month, each box offers a carefully curated collection of four of the world’s best loose-leaf teas. It’s comfort and relaxation delivered in a package small enough to fit in your mailbox — and you can’t beat that.

Approximate Price: $25/Month

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Courtesy of Oui Please

9. OuiPlease

Francophiles will fall in love with OuiPlease, a bi-monthly box filled with 10 to 12 luxurious French items like bangles, beauty products, food, and fun accessories. It’s pricey, but a lot cheaper than a flight to Paris, right? Mais oui!

Approximate Price: $150/Box

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Courtesy of Hygge

10. Hygge Box

Heard about hygge (pronounced who-gah)? It’s the Scandinavian obsession with coziness that makes life, especially during the long dark winter, simply wonderful. It’s a cup of tea on a cold day, lighting a candle on a winter night, and putting on comfy slippers. Hygge Box is for anyone who wants to bring the simple pleasures of hygge into their home and life. Think of it as a hug delivered right to your doorstep.

Approximate Price: $25/Month

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Courtesy of Amazon

11. Chicago Pizza

What kid doesn’t love pizza? Feed your kid’s curiosity for cooking with this Chicago Pizza subscription. No need to travel to the Windy City, home of the deep-dish pizza. This subscription box comes with all the ingredients, easy-to-follow instructions, and a step-by-step video on their website. You can choose three-, six- or 12-month subscriptions. There’s even a gluten-free option.

Approximate Price: $79 for 3 Months

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