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10 Crazy Travel Gadgets That Actually Work

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Families can keep their phones waterproof below the surface of the ocean. Kids can scoot through the airport on a suitcase, and parents can sleep soundly with wireless sleep buds. These crazy travel gadgets aren’t just novelty items — they actually work!

Pockit Lightweight Stroller

1. gb Pockit Lightweight Stroller

You might need to see this one to believe it (watch the video), but we’re here to tell you this stroller folds up to fit into a large purse. “It actually does fold up and fit in a backpack. We use it exclusively for travel” says Montoya Hudson of The Spring Break Family.

Considered to be the world’s smallest folding stroller, the gb Pockit Lightweight Stroller holds the 2014 Guinness World Record for Most Compact Stroller. The stroller can accommodate a child from 6 months old up to 55 pounds, plus an additional 11 pounds of stuff in the storage basket. It offers a convenient two-step folding design and weighs just 9.5 pounds.

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Monocular Telescope with Phone Adapter

2. Monocular Telescope with Phone Adapter

This telescope offers clear images and magnification — and attaches to your phone lens! The dual focus allows you to see things 10 times closer. Once you have zeroed in on your far away object, you can snap a clear and sharp image. This telescope is an ideal travel gadget for stargazing, bird watching, concerts, sporting events, and more.

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ZincFlyte Kid's Luggage Scooter

3. ZincFlyte Kid’s Luggage Scooter

Why carry or roll your luggage when you can take a ride on it instead?! Kids will love the ZincFlyte Kid’s Luggage Scooter. Who wouldn’t want to scoot through airport terminals?! The ZincFlyte is a kid-themed carry-on suitcase that can fit 25 liters of stuff. The handlebars and footboard of the scooter fold away and lock into place when it’s time to scoot along. It’s recommended for ages 4 to 8 and comes in a variety of colors and designs, including a panda, shark, or owl.

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Bose Wireless Sleepbuds

4. Bose Wireless Sleepbuds

These Bose Wireless Sleepbuds can easily mask noise on a plane or anywhere you may want to tune out and catch some sleep. The earbuds, which comfortably stay in place while sleeping, deliver soothing sounds that drown out unwanted noise. The rechargeable battery provides up to 16 hours of sleep noise, and you can control the sound and volume and even set an alarm. “I just bought them and they work great and don’t hurt your ears much at all” says Tamara Gruber of We3Travel.

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Joto Waterproof Phone Case

5. Waterproof Phone Case

This waterproof phone case by Joto actually keeps your phone safe and secure while near or in water. Place your phone inside the dry bag and then seal it shut with the snap and lock access. Phones are not only protected from splashing, but are also certified waterproof in up to 100 feet of water.

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6. Gear Ties

This gadget can be used while traveling and at home, with a simple design that’s super useful. Gear Ties are reusable rubber twist ties that can hold cords, earbuds and much more, together. They are flexible and come in a variety of lengths to keep you organized while traveling. No more tangled cords!

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Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest

7. Airplane Footrest

The Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest is a great travel gadget for long-haul flights. The memory foam, hammock-like sling hangs from the arms of the tray table and feels like sitting in a recliner with your feet up. This comfortable way to fly helps prevent lower back pain, stiffness, and swelling as your legs sway freely. Stow the footrest in the convenient drawstring bag that comes with it.

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Flight Flap

8. Flight Flap

Make hands-free viewing on a plane easier with the Flight Flap. This travel gadget is simple in design, but makes viewing movies on your phone or tablet so much easier while flying. Fold the soft, closed cell form and it will retain its shape freely while your phone or tablet rests comfortably in the fold.

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World Time Travel Alarm Clock with Flashlight

9. World Time Travel Alarm Clock with Flashlight

This lightweight and pocket-sized device has dual abilities in a travel gadget. The World Time Travel Alarm Clock is a flashlight with a world time clock and alarm inside as well. It has 18 time zones and 16 wake up melodies, so you’ll never miss a flight with this travel gadget laying next to your head. There is also a visible calendar with a full month view from the blue backlight display.

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Skyroam Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

10. Skyroam Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Never be without internet when you have the Skyroam Solis in your pocket. This pay-as-you-go international Wi-Fi hotspot works globally so you have Wi-Fi no matter your travel destination. The pocket-sized device doubles as a power bank so keeping your phone charged is never an issue either. The Skyroam device has a battery like of about 16 plus hours and offers encrypted connections to up to five devices. This travel gadget is a must when traveling internationally.

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