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Etekcity ESF551 Smart Fitness Scale Review

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Since 2012, Etekcity has been an innovator of all things smart, including smart plugs, smart bulbs, smart kitchen scales, luggage scales, and body scales.  

What is the Etekcity Smart Fitness Scale?

Two views of the Eteckcity ESF551 Smart Fitness Scale along with a phone displaying the corresponding app

The Eteckcity ESF551 Smart Fitness Scale uses BIA (bioelectrical impedance), which “sends a harmless, low amplitude electrical current through your body using the four electrodes on the scales weighing platform.” A perfect tool for those on a fitness journey wanting more information than just their weight. 

What Makes the Etekcity Smart Fitness Scale Different?

Fitness is not just about a number on the scale—so many components go into it, and the Etekcity scale gives you so much more of that information. The scale will just show you your weight, however, when you download the app, there are twelve other biometrics you will get: BMI, body fat, fat-free body weight, subcutaneous fat (the fat under your skin), visceral fat (fat that protects your internal organs), body water, skeletal muscles, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate- amount of calories burned in one day while your body is at rest), and metabolic age (your BMR vs. the average BMR for your age). 

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How Does the Etekcity Smart Fitness Scale Measure Up?

Ease of Use: 10/10

This smart scale is super easy to use, you simply download the VeSync app, turn on the scale, step on, and let the app do the magic. You can easily browse your historic data, set goals, and sync it up to other fitness apps (like Apple Health and Fitbit). 

Cost: 10/10

At $29.99, the scale is affordable, especially considering all it offers. 

Accuracy : 7/10

I wish I could give this a 10/10, but the truth is, there is no way to know how accurate the measurements are without getting them done at your doctors office to compare. The only measurement I knew for sure was my weight, and that was spot on. I weighed myself several times throughout the day, and it did fluctuate, with the lowest reading when I got up in the morning, which is typical. I also weighed my two year old son, which was accurate, as was my husband’s weight. 

Etekcity Smart Fitness Scale Pros:

  • Baby Mode: Easily weigh your babies when you put the scale in Baby Mode. 
  • Zero-Current Mode: For pregnant users, or those who do not want to use the electrodes, you can turn them off by using Zero-Current Mode. 
  • Create unlimited profiles for friends and family, each user can set unique goals and track their progress. 

Etekcity Smart Fitness Scale Cons:

  • Made out of temperued glass, it gets dirty and smudges easily, so you may want to keep it in a cabinet instead of out on the floor. 
  • Turning off Zero-Current Mode was not an immediate option, you must go into the app and turn it off before use. 

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