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Best Face Masks for Kids and Toddlers

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It is hard to believe another school year is here, and Covid-19 is still as prevalent as ever. Some school districts have made mask-wearing mandatory once again, and you may feel better having your children masked while traveling, too. The CDC recommends children over the age of two wear masks (some states recommend age three and up, be sure to check your state’s guidelines). Here are some of the best face masks for kids. 

Best Face Masks for Toddlers 

Baggu Kids Fabric Mask Set

Baggu Kids Fabric Mask Set of Three

Comfort is key when dealing with toddlers (have you ever been with a toddler whose sock was twisted?), so having an adjustable strap and bendable nose strip are key. These double layered masks from Baggu have adjustable straps, are comfortable, and come in cute patterns as well as solid colors. 

Joah Love Infinity Face Covering

Joah Love Infinity Face Covering

One thing about toddlers is they are constantly misplacing things. The amazing thing about these face coverings from Joah Love is not only do they have adjustable straps, but the straps also act as a necklace, so when the mask isn’t being worn, it can just hang around your toddlers neck. There is a filter pocket as well for added protection. Available in several colors and patterns, as well as without the neck hanging option. 

Rafi Nova Kids Smile Mask

Young toddlers are still in the process of learning how to talk, and if your child is in speech therapy, or has friends who may communicate better when they can lip read, these masks are perfect. They are also the best masks for anyone hard of hearing or in the deaf community. The clear panel is BPA free, has a bendable nose strip and adjustable ear straps. It is recommended to also purchase the Clear-It Anti Fog solution to ensure the plastic does not fog. 

Best Face Masks for Kids 

Crayola Kids Masks Packs

Two children wearing the Crayola Kids Masks Packs in Green and Yellow

Available in packs of five, Crayola masks are perfect for the school week. The ear pieces are adjustable, have a nose wire, and are double layered for extra protection. The set comes with a mesh laundry bag for ease of washing. Packs are available in bright colors to choose from, black, white, Craymoji characters, and even fun Halloween and Christmas themed ones. 

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Grove Co. Kids Face Mask

Set of three Grove Co. Kids Face Masks

These masks have a antimicrobial coating in the inner layer for an added layer of protection on top of the three layer cotton mask. With adjustable straps, you can choose from neutral colors or bright colors

Vida FDA Registerd KN95 Mask for Kids

Vida FDA Registerd KN95 Mask for Kids

Perhaps not practical for use in school because of the price point, it may be a good idea to have some KN95’s on hand. These KN95 masks from VIDA have a 99%+ efficiency with a 5-layer filtration system of breathable non-woven fabric, giving your child the utmost protection. VIDA also has some great reusable masks for kids as well. 

Assorted Disposable Face Masks

Keep your child protected with these disposable masks, which offer three layers of protection. The soft inner layer insures comfort for little ones, the double spun-bonded and non-woven material of the outer layer is airtight, and the middle layer is made of melt-blown, non-woven fabric that filters oil-less particles in the air effectively, so you know your child will be protected. The package includes a total of fifty masks with five different designs. 

Vista Print Masks

Vista Print Masks in Harry Potter, DC Comics, and Space patterns

Harry Potter lover? Aspiring Astronaut? DC Comic lover? Vista Print seriously has a mask for every passion out there. These masks have adjustable ear straps, are made with two layers of fabric with a pocket for a filter. With all of the designs to choose from, these masks allow your child to show of their personality. 

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Disney Cloth Face Masks

Disney Cloth Face Masks in Marvel Comics patterns

From Marvel to Frozen, your kids can show their Disney love while wearing one of these face masks. Available in Youth sizes to ensure a perfect fit, they are lightweight for breathability. 

Old Navy Triple Layer Pleated Cloth Mask for Kids

Old Navy Triple Layer Pleated Cloth Mask for Kids

These 100% cotton masks from old navy come in packs of five, one for each school day! Designed per CDC guidelines, the three layers are breathable, comfortable, and affordable. Available in different patterns and colors. 

Honest Kids Cotton Face Masks

Honest Young girl wearing Honest Company Kids Cotton Face Masks

These two pack face masks come with one fun pattern and one solid color, are double layered, and have a filter pocket. The straps are adjustable to ensure the perfect fit, so your child will be comfortable all day long. 

Happy Masks Pro

Happy Masks Pro

There is a reason why these masks keep selling out. The Happy Masks Pro series have five layers, including a 3-ply nanofiber membrane filter, which provide over 99.9% filtration against viruses. Pair it with a two-in-one ear saver and lanyard for added comfort and safekeeping when not in use! They come in kids sizes as well as medium and large adult sizes. Happy Masks suggest following their Instagram page for restocking updates. 

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Kids Face Shield

Child wearing a plastic Kids Face Shield

If you don’t feel a mask is enough, you may want to try one of these face shields from The Coolest Shields. They are durable, have an adjustable strap, and are easy to clean. Available in several design options. 

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