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8 Genius Beach Hacks You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Going to the beach with kids is a lot of fun. It’s also a lot of work. Make your upcoming beach visit a breeze with these little-known, yet super-useful hacks.

Talc-Free Burt's Bees Baby Powder; Courtesy of Amazon

1. Bring Baby Powder

“Bring baby powder to help get sand off so you can put sunscreen on,” says Hilarye Reid of Dotting the Map

Sand Mits; Courtesy of Amazon

2. Bring a Sand Mit

Another great way to remove sand? Sand mits! Simply slip them on and wipe everybody down before you go back to the car or house.

IKEA Bag; Courtesy of Amazon

3. Use an IKEA Bag

IKEA bags are a beach family’s best friend,” says Kristin Reinhard of Swiss Family Travel. The bags are large enough to carry all of your beach essentials and cheap enough that you can buy several if needed!

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Pampers Swaddlers; Courtesy of Amazon

4. Put Your Valuables in a Diaper

“Wrap your valuables in a diaper,” says Keri Hedrick of Our Globetrotters. “If you’re going to be leaving your beach gear unattended while you’re in the water, it’s the last place anyone will think to look.”

Balloons; Courtesy of Amazon

5. Bring Balloons

Ever gone to play in the water or for a stroll to find seashells and forgotten where your stuff was? Lisa DiDomenico Cameron of Adventures in Familyhood suggests bringing balloons and tying them to your beach umbrella or beach chairs to avoid that. Balloons can also be useful when you or your little ones get water stuck in your ears—blowing into a balloon can help open up the Eustachian tubes.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle in Teal; Courtesy of Amazon

6. Make Your Own Frozen Water Bottle

Another great tip from Adventures in Familyhood: fill up a water bottle halfway and lay it on its side in the freezer overnight. Before you go to the beach, fill up the remaining portion with water and you’ll have ice-cold water for hours. Insulated water bottles are also a great option for this.

Ziploc Bags; Courtesy of Amazon

7. Put Your Devices in Sandwich Bags

Don’t let the sand and moisture get into the nooks and crannies of your smartphone or ereader. Instead, put your devices in sandwich bags or freezer bags to protect them from the elements. We also recommend these waterproof pouches for smartphones.

Fitted Sheet; Courtesy of Amazon

8. Bring a Fitted Sheet

Many people are aware of the genius fitted sheet trick, but it’s too good not to keep sharing. Pack a fitted sheet to create your own sand-free beach blanket; simply put other beach gear, such as your cooler and beach bag, inside each corner of the sheet to create a barrier from the sand. You can also buy a sand-free beach blanket.

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