Children playing with Magic Playbook activity printouts Magic Playbook

Magic Playbook Review

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Here at Family Vacation Critic, we love subscription boxes. It can be a struggle to find fun, entertaining, yet educational activities to do at home with your younger kids, without relying on screentime. Magic Playbook may be the answer you are looking for. 

What is Magic Playbook? 

Children playing with Magic Playbook activity printouts

Magic Playbook is a monthly subscription that you can either download to print or receive in the mail. It features “seasonally-appropriate dramatic play activities for their kids ages 2 – 6.” Each month, you get a list of library book suggestions, as well as resources for screen time that go along with the theme of the month. 

What Makes Magic Playbook Different?

Magic Playbook makes it easy to decide what activity to do with your child. Each one is labeled with what type of activity it falls under: educational, sensory, gross motor skills, or a recipe. It also indicates whether the activity is low prep, or doesn’t involve cutting with scissors. There are tips on how to make some activities easier for younger children. 

The August 2021 Playbook focused on the Library, and while some of the activities were beyond my two-year-olds skillset, he had fun measuring books and using the number flashcards. He also loves coloring, so anything that involved markers he was on board for! 

During the pandemic, it can be difficult to find fun and different activities to do with kids, so this is the perfect way to find new activities to do with your kids while you are home. 

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How Does Magic Playbook Measure Up?

Ease of Use: 10/10

The directions on how to use each activity are easy to follow, and the supply list makes it even easier! 

Cost: 10/10

At $84/year, the cost of Magic Playbook is extremely affordable. You can also pay monthly if that is a better option, making it even more affordable. 

Child Engagement: 8/10

The only reason this is getting a lower score than 10/10 is that the age range is listed 2-6, however, it may be difficult to keep two-year-olds engaged for the entire activity. My friends older child was completely engaged and loved each activity. 

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Magic Playbook Pros:

  • A fantastic way to keep children engaged when they are not in school or at daycare
  • Easy to follow directions
  • Supply list makes it easy to prep 

Magic Playbook Cons:

  • A lot of the activities are much too advanced for most two-year-olds. Age range is more 3+ than 2+

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