Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Working with Astronaut to Create New Space Exhibit

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This summer, visitors to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis will be able to experience life in space while on Earth when “Beyond Spaceship Earth” opens on June 25.

The new permanent exhibit, developed in partnership with renowned astronaut Dr. David Wolf, will be an immersive experience filled with real scientific equipment used in space, including the space capsule Liberty Bell 7, used for America’s second manned space flight. The space experience includes an International Space Station exhibit, where children can see what it is like to live, work and sleep aboard a space station. The space station includes actual objects from previous space missions, and a view from the cupola with real NASA video. Kids will also be challenged to take a space walk, solving puzzles in order move through various sections of the exterior of the space station.

Dr. Wolf is one of 30 astronauts and engineers featured on the museum’s new Indiana Astronaut Wall of Fame, celebrating Indiana’s role in space exploration. Dr. Wolf, who has joined the staff of the museum, has provided his own space suits and memorabilia to the new space experience. “It is an honor to be associated with the Children’s Museum,” he says. “Families are able to see the miraculous achievement of the International Space Station as it passes overhead, [and] they will now get a very tangible sense of what it’s like to live and work inside it.”

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–Lissa Poirot

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