Global Travel Summit Reveals Travel Trends for 2016

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The first Global Travel Summit took place in New York City last week, hosted by esteemed travel writer Wendy Perrin, formerly of Conde Nast and currently working a travel advocate for TripAdvisor. After launching her own website and creating a trip planning engine, Perrin surveyed 2,500 travelers to discern the trends for 2016. Her findings:

Where You Want to Go in 2016. The most requested destination for 2016? Cuba. With travel restrictions for U.S. visitors altering slightly, it appears the doors to Cuba are opening and families are eager to visit. However, U.S. travelers still face heavy restrictions and travel to Cuba may have to wait. Travel in the U.S. is the second highest requested destination, with travel insiders claiming security and safety the reason people want to stay in the country this year. Italy, France and Mexico round out the top five.

Your Biggest Challenges. The number one challenge for travelers trying to plan a vacation is choosing the right destination, and then once there, avoid crowds, lines and touristy places. Finding the right accommodations are also a top concern, be it a hotel or a rental.

The Younger the Kids, the More You Spend. The average price per trip Perrin’s travelers are spending increases the younger the children are. For families traveling with kids aged 12 to 17, the average vacation costs as much as $12,284. For families with kids aged 3 to 12, it rises to $15,205. For families with kids aged 3 and younger, it climbs to $16,707. And families with three or more generations traveling together spend even more: a whopping $21,297.

For more on Perrin and her travel insights, visit Wendy Perrin.

–Lissa Poirot

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