Philadelphia Planning $6-Million Children’s Park

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This week, the William Penn Foundation and the Knight Foundation, pledged $6 million to the proposed Centennial Commons park. The park will be housed in West Fairmont Park, near the Please Touch! children’s museum and Philadelphia Zoo.

The Fairmont Park Conservancy has been working to develop the new park along Philadelphia’s Parkside Avenue area of West Fairmont Park, the home of the 1876 Centennial World Exhibition, thus the park’s proposed name.

Centennial Commons will be divided into three areas: a Youth Area for exploratory play and nature focus for children 5 to 12; a “Btweens” Area for a play and social are for ‘tweens and teens; and a Neighborhood Edge area, which will have picnic seating, landscaping, walking paths and quiet areas for all ages. The play areas include a spray park for kids that transforms into an ice-skating rink in the winter, as well as a climbing wall and “mountain range.”

–Lissa Poirot

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