Will Passports Be Required at the Airport?

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United States citizens have been able to travel domestically with just a valid driver’s license as a form of identification at the ticket counter, security area, and when boarding a plane, but in 2016 that changes. Four states have been listed by the Department of Homeland Security as areas where driver’s licenses are considered “noncompliant.” U.S. travelers in these states will need additional forms of identification.

Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire and New York, home to some of the country’s biggest travel cities, will not allow driver’s licenses as valid identification. Instead, travelers in these states will need to show a passport, U.S. military ID, Global Entry, NEXUS, passport card or permanent resident card, as well as enhanced driver’s licenses that are available in New York and Minnesota. The changes will roll out in 2016, although no official dates have been established. Children under the age of 18 are not required to have identification when traveling with an adult. This means anyone over the age of 18 without one of the aforementioned forms of valid identification will need to obtain one before flying, and accept the additional costs associated with the valid forms of identification.

Although children are not required to have identification, having a passport for them is handy. Read Getting Your Child a Passport for more information.

–Lissa Poirot

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