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The Best Online Thrift Stores For Kids Clothes

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Buying clothing for kids is expensive, and it seems like they grow out of everything after only wearing it once or twice. When planning for a trip, you often need to buy a new wardrobe for your child, especially if you are traveling somewhere with opposite weather when they have already outgrown their clothes from the previous season. Rather than buying new or heading to your local secondhand shop and scouring the racks of clothing, online thrift stores are an easier way to find what you are looking for. Here are the best places online to find pre-owned clothing. 

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ThredUp has a huge selection of clothes and accessories for women and kids (including maternity wear—another clothing department that it hurts to spend money on)! They have a wide degree of price ranges, from super cheap to still expensive for luxury brands. Bonus: they often have 35% off coupon codes for an even deeper discount. With over 35,000 brands, and up to ninety percent off regular prices, ThredUp may become your go-to for all things mamma and child! 


A site dedicated to used kids clothing, Kidizen is a peer-to-peer site that has all of your children’s clothes needs. From preemie to big kids, you’ll find newer used clothing as well as vintage finds, and hundreds of brands you know and love. 

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If you love more expensive brands and high end clothing, Poshmark is the site for you. Find clothes from Burberry, Hunter, Janie and Jack and more. The items are sold by the owners, and you can make an offer if you think the price they are asking is too steep. You’ll be able to find shoes, clothing and accessories for the entire family. 

Patagonia Worn Wear

Spending money on a coat or jacket for an adult isn’t too hard—you know it will last many years, and you’ll get your money’s worth. However, buying a coat or jacket for a kid can be painful. If dropping nearly $100 on a coat you know will only last one season doesn’t sound right to you, try Patagnia’s Worn Wear. Not only is Worn Wear great for finding a coat for your little ones, but once they are done with it for the season, you can trade it in for store credit! It’s a win-win if you ask us! 

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Shop Tomorrows

Shop Tomorrow is another peer-to-peer (or parent-to-parent) site, but it works a little differently than others. Instead of seeing a dollar price on an item, everything is priced in tokens. You can get tokens by simply buying them, or by selling your kids old clothes on the site. You can also earn tokens via different activities like referring friends or creating a profile. 


Bagsy is similar to ThredUp, but just for children’s clothes. An online consignment shop of sorts, you can request a bag to send in a pile of clothes, and if they sell, you get paid. If they don’t sell, you can choose to get the clothes back for a fee, or donate them. Plus, you can shop! Bagsy has specific brands they feature, so you know you will be getting quality secondhand clothing. 

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Luxury Garage Sale

Luxury Garage Sale doesn’t carry kids’ clothes, but we couldn’t resist putting it on the list—it is exactly what its name suggests, a site for used luxury items. You’ll find brands like Gucci, Burberry, Chanel, and Prada, all at discounted prices. The perfect site when you are searching for a luxury brand without the usual price tag. 

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