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The 6 Best Sand Sleds

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Sleds aren’t only for snowy days and freezing weather. Towering sand dunes are just calling out for kids (and kids at heart) to slide down, all year round. Here are a few affordable sleds to buy for fun sand adventures, whether your family is exploring the majestic Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado, a famous Oregon sand boarding park, or just sliding down a little sand dune at the beach. Don’t forget the special wax to make your sled fly down a dune at top speed.

Best Metal Disc Sand Sled: Flexible Flyer 

Flexible Flyer sandboard in red

Weighing in at just six pounds, this made-in-the-USA sled is lightweight but sturdy. Flexible Flyer’s classic Metal Snow Disc Saucer Sled is made out of steel with a slippery powder-coated finish. Grab the rope handles and hold on as you careen down the sand. One Amazon reviewer wrote: “This disc is awesome not only for snow sledding but for the sand dunes too! Works way better than the sand sleds and boards we have rented.”

Best Plastic Saucer Sand Sled: Sno Caterpillar

Sno Caterpillar saucer sand sled

Snag one or two of these Snow Caterpillar Linkable Disc Sleds, which can be linked so that friends can conquer dunes together. The plastic saucer sleds are made in the United States out of resin, featuring ergonomic handles and an extra slick, diamond-polished surface on the bottom of the sled. 

Most Affordable Sand Slider: Paricon Flying Saucer

Paricon Flying Saucer sand slider

If you don’t want to invest too much money into sand dune sliding, pick up a three-pack of Paricon Flying Saucers for just under $12. These classic saucer sleds are made out of plastic with molded hand grips and come in three bright colors: orange, blue, and lime green.

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Best Sand Sled for Hobbyists: Slip Face Sandboards

Slip Face Sandboard

If your kids are begging to go slide down sand dunes every other weekend, you might want to commit to a sled built just for that purpose. Slip Face Sandboards makes a $119 Slip Face Sandboards Youth Sled for kids who love sand sledding. The handmade wooden board constructed out of maple is built with a seat pad on one side and grip tape at the nose of the sled, so kids can steer as they rocket down a dune.

Best Pro-Level Sand Sled: Venomous Sand Sled

Venomous Sand Sled

Another fancy wooden sled designed for dune sledding is from the Venomous brand. The hardwood birch/maple $174.95 Venomous Youth Sand Sled is tricked out with a foam seat, grip tape for kids’ feet, and comfortable nylon side handles. This lightweight sled can even be done up with a custom paint job.

Best Wax for Sand Sleds: ZUMWax

ZUMWax ski and snowboard wax

If you really want to fly down a sand dune, waxing the bottom of your sled is recommended. Try slathering on ​​ZUMWax RUB ON Wax. It’s designed for skiers and snowboarders to be used in all temperatures.

Some sand sledders recommend using surf wax designed for warm or tropical temperatures (like Sticky Bumps Softboard Wax), in order to handle the heat radiating off a dune. And if you want to get really serious, both Venomous and Slip Face sell wax for their wooden sand sleds as well.

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