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7 Sanity-Saving Tactics to Get Your Baby to Sleep on Vacation

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Babies are famously portable, but an unfamiliar environment can disrupt everyone’s sleep schedule. Use these tactics to ensure you and your little ones get your much needed shut-eye when traveling.

Lug Pillow; Courtesy of Amazon

1. Lug Blanket and Pillow

Cradle your toddler or preschooler in comfort on a plane, train, in the car, or at your vacation accommodation with Lug Blanket and Pillow. The cute and cuddly youth snooze travel set comes in an adorable bear package which includes a plush blanket and an inflatable pillow, great for encouraging restful sleep practically anywhere. Lug Blanket and Pillow is machine washable and fits easily in a backpack or carry-on.

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Rockit; Courtesy of Amazon

2. Rockit Automatic Rocker

Do you need a rocking chair in order to get your baby to sleep? What if we told you there’s  a portable device that mimics the gentle motion of a rocking chair, and will help you send your little one off to La La Land when you’re on-the-go? Attach Rockit Automatic Rocker to baby’s stroller, and gentle vibrations will soon have baby moving and snoozing. The easy to attach device has a quiet motor with 60 hours of battery life.

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Lille Baby Carrier; Courtesy of Amazon

3. LiLLEBaby Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier

Take baby everywhere—while she naps—with LiLLEBaby Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier. Lightweight and comfortable, the 100-percent cotton ergonomic carrier is exceptionally breathable and adjusts to six different positions, allowing you to carry your baby (from 7 to 45 pounds) comfortably, in virtually every setting, from cities and mountains to theme parks. A handy front pocket provides convenient storage for a cell phone, pacifier, keys or a credit card. Special features for added comfort and prolonged sleep include a temperature control panel, a sleeping hood and adjustable seating.

Blackout Blinds; Courtesy of Amazon

4. Travel BlackOut Blinds

Your kids won’t lose precious sleep during travel due to being off schedule when you use Travel BlackOut Blinds. Great for use during mid-day naps and early bedtimes and for encouraging sleeping in the next morning, the self-adhesive, cut to size blackout blinds are portable and serve a dual purpose of blocking out light and providing solar-generated heat. Packaged in a handy cotton carrying case, Travel BlackOut Blinds are easily removable, allowing for flexible, portable use at home and on vacation.

Sound Machine; Courtesy of Amazon

5. Marpac Hushh White Noise Sound Machine

If you’re aiming to travel light with baby, but need more help during nap time than a lullaby can lend, Marpac Hushh White Noise Sound Machine will take a load off. Measuring 3.5 inches in diameter and weighing in at just 3.8 ounces, the compact, portable white noise machine is built for travel. The baby-safe, rechargeable electronic push-button operated unit comes with a flexible clip for easy attachment to baby’s car seat, travel crib or stroller. Three soothing sound options and adjustable volume function help block out background noise so baby can sleep soundly on the go.

Video Baby Monitor; Courtesy of Amazon

6. Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Portable and affordable, Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor is a sweet solution to how to keep tabs on a sleeping baby while you’re traveling. The Wi-Fi enabled video camera has a 960-foot range and features night vision, audio, two-way radio and a room temperature sensor. Parents can play eight soothing lullabies from the handheld monitor. Mount the camera unit above baby’s crib with command strips for easy damage-free removal.

Hatch Rest Machine; Courtesy of Amazon

7. Hatch Baby Rest Machine

Block out the sounds of family activity so baby can snooze longer with Hatch Baby Rest Machine. Ideally suited for use in a hotel suite or vacation rental, the multi-functional portable unit is programmed with eight sound settings include soothing ocean, rain, wind and dryer, and can be controlled remotely from your smartphone. With the Hatch Baby Rest app, you can adjust light and sound without disturbing baby. Have two or more little nappers? Purchase a second machine, and utilize the program function to set separate timers—all from the app.

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