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The Best Academic Planners for the 2021-2022 School Year

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It hardly seems possible, but it’s time to start thinking about going back to school. The past year and a half has been a bit of a whirlwind as far as school goes, with remote learning, hybrid and full-time in class, and this fall, with the Delta variant surging, we still aren’t sure what school is going to look like. One way to make sure you and/or your child stay organized is to get a planner. Here are some of the best planners for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Best Planner for Parents – Erin Condren Layers Daily Parent Planner 

This undated daily planner is perfect for keeping both your and your children’s schedules organized. With spots to enter school information, class schedules, a reading log, chore schedules, and checklists, you’ll be turned into a super parent in no time. The planner comes with “date dots” that you can stick onto the calendar for the month, as well as monthly adhesive tabs. Erin Condren also has great planners and notebooks for kids. 

Best College Planner – Papier Checkmate Planner

Front cover and inside pages of the Papier Checkmate Planner

This planner, which runs from August 2021 to July 2022, has weekly overviews, monthly overviews, class schedules, and a deadline calendar to help you stay organized with due dates for papers, exams, and projects. You can also keep your finances on track with the handy finance tracker, and never be surprised by a grade again with the grade tracker. If you live off-campus, the meal planner and recipe ideas will help you stay organized even when it comes to eating! 

Best High School Student Planner – Class Tracker Academic Planner

Front cover and inside pages of the Class Tracker Academic Planner

Help your high school student stay organized with the Class Tracker Academic Planner.  Each day is split into four parts: a to-do list, quizzes/exams/papers/projects that are due, assignments and activities, so your high schooler will know exactly how to plan the night before, as well as for the day. 

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Best Middle School Academic Planner – Global Datebooks Middle School Student Planner

Front cover and inside pages of the Global Datebooks Middle School Student Planner

This colorful planner from Global Datebooks will have your middle schooler excited about keeping track of everything they have going on. With both monthly and weekly views, stickers, a handy bookmark that doubles as a ruler, and thirty-seven pages of resources pages, they will be all set for a super school year. The planner is available in three sizes. 

Best Cheap Academic Planner – BooQool 2021-2022 Pocket Planner

Front cover and inside pages of the BooQool 2021-2022 Pocket Planner

This sleek and stylish pocket planner has everything you need to keep track of your tasks, without the bulkiness of some full-sized planners. Monthly views help you see major events, while the weekly pages allow you to jot down what needs to get done that week. It lays flat for easier writing, has a pen loop, an elastic closure, and a back pocket to hold any important cards or small notes. 

Best Custom Academic Planner – Papier Happy Waves

Front cover and inside pages of customizable Papier Happy Waves Planner

A great back-to-school gift for any teen or young adult, you can customize this planner with a photo and their name to make it a truly unique item. With monthly overviews, weekly overviews, plus planning for the month ahead, there will be no excuse for a missed paper or exam. Class schedules can be entered, one for each semester, so there is never a question on where to go. 

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Best Refillable Planner – Franklin Planner Aliva Simulated Leather Snap Binder

Front cover and inside features of the Franklin Planner Aliva Simulated Leather Snap Binder

If you don’t want the hassle of picking out a new planner year after year (for yourself or for the student in your life), then try this refillable planner from Franklin Planner. With a snap closure, pockets for cards and other items, plus sturdy 1.5-inch rings, this binder will last for years. Refill yearly, choosing from a variety of page view options: two pages per day, one page per day, or weekly views. Franklin Planner also offers a variety of accessories for your binder, including photo holders, multi-colored page finders, zipper pouches, and stickers.  

Best Cheap Inspirational Planner  – Busy Bee Goals and Gratitude Planner

Front cover of the Busy Bee Goals and Gratitude Planner, along with planner stickers and a set of colorful pens

The Goals and Gratitude Planner from Busy Bee is your one-stop planner shopping. This set includes an undated planner, colorful pens, and stickers to make your planner everything you want it to be. Keep track of goals for you and your kids this school year! This planner is perfect for parents, older teens, and college students with an artistic flair. 

Best Planner for Little Kids – My Daily Checklist by InnerGuide

My Daily Checklist by InnerGuide Planner for Kids

Get kids started early with to-do lists and planning with this Daily Checklist pad from InnerGuide. Not your traditional planner, but it helps younger kids with time management and completing tasks like finishing homework, making their bed, practicing sports/instruments, and even helps them track good deeds they did that day. A great way to help kids start getting organized, as well as teach kindness. 

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