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9 Squishmallows Every Kid Will Love

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If you have an older child or tween, chances are they have begged for a Squishmallow in the past few months. Squishmallows are insanely soft and squishy stuffed animals, and quite frankly, we get why kids love them. They’d be perfect for a road trip, as they can provide entertainment and double as a pillow. Whether you are looking for a Squishmallow to accompany your child on your summer vacation, or just to stop them from nagging you about getting one, we’ve got some of the cutest, squishiest, most fun Squishmallows out there. 

Fairy Spring Fun Medium Plush (12 Inch)

There is something adorable about a winking fairy. This colorful Squishmallow will make any child’s face light up. 

Baby Yoda The Child Squishmallow (10 Inch)

This highly coveted Squishmallow can be hard to find, so don’t waste time trying to decide if you should get it or not! The Child is insanely cute without being a plush toy, so in Squishmallow form, he is that much cuter. 

Mickey Mouse Squishmallow (14 Inch)

This Mickey Mouse Squishmallow is sure to bring a smile to any Disney lover’s face. A perfect gift for when you tell the kids you are going to Disney World, or just for kids who love Disney. This 14-inch plush toy also makes a great pillow on the airplane! 

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Hello Kitty Squishmallow (12 Inch)

This Hello Kitty Ice Cream Cupcake Unicorn proves that Hello Kitty was made to be a Squishmallow. Absolutely adorable with a unicorn horn, cupcake sprinkles, and insanely cute pink bow, it’s the perfect Squishmallow for both Hello Kitty and cupcake lovers alike. 

Birthday Squishmallow (8 Inch)

The perfect birthday present for the birthday girl, this Birthday Squishmallow is a delightful pastel rainbow tiedye squish of sweetness. It’s sure to thrill any birthday girl in your life. Made exclusively for Claire’s. This smaller size is perfect for taking along on vacation, too. 

Watermelon Squishmallow (8 Inch)

There is something about watermelon in plush form that is insanely adorable, and this Watermelon Squishmallow does not disappoint. Synonymous with summer, watermelon is the perfect treat – in fruit and plush form! 

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Avocado Squishmallow (12 Inch)

While we are on a food theme, this Avocado Squishmallow is as equally adorable as the watermelon. And, who knows, maybe it will help a picky eater start eating more vegetables! 

Mystery Mini Squishmallows

Take a chance and have some fun with a Mystery Mini Squishmallow. Kids will love opening up this mystery pack to see what cutesy creature awaits them inside. Each pack comes with a min-squishmallow and one fashion accessory. A fun gift any child will enjoy. 

Squishmallow Key Chain

These clip on Squishmallows are a great add-on gift, and work for older kids who may not be thrilled with getting a full-sized stuffed animal. A great pre-travel gift, they can be used as a key chain, or clipped onto bags. 

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