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The Best Staycation Idea Ever

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While you’re stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, why not create the ultimate vacation experience right in your own backyard?! We’ve compiled the most amazing staycation ideas that will transform your outdoor space into a fabulous vacation destination where your gang can camp under the stars while creating lasting memories.

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Transform Your Backyard into a Water Park

Start your staycation with a splash-tastic adventure by setting up a 25-foot-long Slip ‘n Slide, which comes with the soft sleds that make the ride more slippery. Then, lay out a bunch of super soaker pump guns and a big bin of self-sealing water balloons for the kiddos. Turn on your hose and watch the fun begin! When it’s time to dry off, grab a four-pack of super absorbent, quick-drying microfiber terry towels. They come in a handy zippered carrying case, plus the package includes an extra mesh bag—no more stinky, wet towels lumped in the grass!

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Host a Lawn Games Tournament

Serve up some sporty fun with a carnival-like twist. Set up a few classic outdoor lawn games like a combination bean bag and washer toss, giant Jenga and bocce ball. Pick up some bright spray paint and create a life-size Twister game in your grass for hilarious fun the whole family will enjoy.

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Prepare the Perfect Picnic

Lay down a waterproof picnic blanket, fill up an oversized cooler that can hold 95 cans of icy-cold beverages, and have an al fresco lunch, including cold sandwiches, pickles, fresh fruit and chocolate chip cookies. Bonus: The cooler doubles as sturdy extra seating, for when friends pop by. Get a rolling bar cart to hold melamine dishware, cups and silverware, so you can wheel it to wherever your picnic is. Or, if you’re handy, it’s easy to build your own. Speaking of which…

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Take on a Family DIY Project

The family that builds together, laughs together! Why not gather all hands on deck to create something everyone can later enjoy, such as a treehouse, a fire pit or a hanging swing? Check out one of the many online tutorials available, pick up the basic supplies at your local big-box store and spend the day getting crafty.

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Set the Stage for a Mega Dance Party

As the sun starts to fade, it’s time to jumpstart the outdoor dance party with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that can withstand outdoor conditions. Hang a set of waterproof solar string lights that can be set to eight different modes of flashing or twinkling to create the perfect mood. Add another layer of entertainment by bringing out the karaoke machine so everyone can belt out their favorite tunes.

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Snack on Some Classic Camping Treats

No open fire? No problem! You can make delicious snacks with an electric S’mores Maker, which features a flameless heater, four trays for the graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows, plus two roasting forks. Even the littlest ones can toast their golden treats safely. Set it up on a picnic table, along with cubes of fruit so everyone can enjoy dessert outdoors.

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Create Your Own Outdoor Film Festival

Enjoy your own movie theatre on the lawn with a 14-foot inflatable projector screen that’s simple to set up. It comes with popcorn bags ready to be filled with fresh, crunchy snacks. But instead of heading to the microwave, try this outdoor popcorn popper than can be used on your barbecue to make popcorn in minutes. Bonus: The popcorn kit includes corn, oil and seasoning samplers. Snuggle on the grass together on a pile of camping pillows for happy viewing!

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Have Sweet Dreams Under the Stars

Now that you’ve tired out the kids, they’re ready for one more adventure before nodding off to sleep: Download the Night Sky app on your GPS-enabled device and point it up to the sky to identify planets, stars and satellites. Then, tuck everyone into a family-sized tent, which features an electrical access port that lets you run a cord to an outside power source if you need it. The kids will doze off comfortably when settled into their lightweight, roomy sleeping bags on top of cushy inflatable air mattresses that feature a built-in pillow. Hang up a couple of collapsible solar-powered lanterns for story time or ghost stories. Give each child their own colorful mini LED flashlight, which features a glow-in-the-dark handle in case of nighttime bathroom visits. If you’re camping out on a very humid night, a tent ceiling fan will keep everyone cool. Bonus: This model even repels mosquitos when you add essential oils on its foam pads.

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