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The Best Umbrellas for 2021

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This summer has been a washout for most of America, which means your umbrella has probably taken quite a beating. Before you get caught in a bind and find yourself buying the first umbrella you find at a drugstore for less than $10 that probably will only last you one rainstorm, we’ve got the best umbrellas for you to buy this year.

The Davek Traveler

The Davek Traveler umbrella in six colors

The Davek Traveler Umbrella is a far cry from the cheap compact umbrella you may usually buy before you go on a trip, as it will cost you a pretty penny, but it is worth it. Made with a fiberglass-reinforced 7-rib frame system, it will keep you nice and dry on a rainy day. It has a handy clip so you can attach it to the outside of your bag, but is also compact enough to easily keep inside of your bag, too. The best part? Davek will replace your umbrella forever if it stops functioning. That’s right, it has a lifetime warranty. It’s available in several bright colors, as well as black, and has an automatic open and close function.

ShedRain WindPro Umbrella

ShedRain WindPro Umbrella

There is nothing worse than being out in the pouring rain, reaching your destination, and then having to futz with your umbrella as you try to get it closed. The ShedRain WindPro Umbrella not only opens with a quick press of a button but also closes that way, eliminating the hassle of trying to reach up and pull your umbrella closed while standing in a doorway. It has a fiberglass frame and fiberglass ribs, plus a vented double canopy and Teflon coating- making it durable and resistant to both wind and rain. It also has a lifetime warranty should anything happen to it.

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STROMBERGBRAND UMBRELLAS The Vented Urban Brolly in four colors

If you like a nice old-fashioned “brolly,” look no further than the Vented Urban Brolly. The J-shaped curved handle of this stick umbrella will make you feel like you’re roaming the streets of Victorian London, and the Pongee Polyester fabric will protect you from a gust of wind and pouring rain. It opens with the push of a button, has a durable wooden handle, and comes with a handy carrying case with a shoulder strap for easy transport. 

RUMBRELLA UPF 50+ Umbrella

RUMBRELLA UPF 50+ Umbrella in nine colors

You never know what weather may await you, so an umbrella that will not only protect you from rain and wind but also the sun may be the perfect investment. The Level 5 nano-tech high-density canopy with UPF 50 blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, and dries almost instantly with a shake. It’s available in eight super bright colors, which will add the perfect pop of color to a dreary day. 

Primo Supply Wearable Hands-Free Umbrella

Woman wearing the Primo Supply Wearable Hands-Free Umbrella strapped to her back

There are times when we just do not have enough hands to be carrying an umbrella. For those times, there is the Primo Supply Wearable Hands-Free Umbrella. It goes on like a backpack and leaves your hands free for carrying bags, children, or even riding a bike. Made of impact cloth, it is wind, rain, sun, and rust-resistant. A carrying bag is included. 

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NEW-Vi Umbrella Hat

Man wearing the NEW-Vi Umbrella Hat on his head

If you want a hands-free umbrella, but don’t want to strap something to your back, this umbrella hat should do the trick. It has an elastic headband and adjustable chin strap to ensure a secure fit and is made with oxford fabric for the ultimate protection from rain and sun. 

LANBRELLA Windproof Travel Umbrella

LANBRELLA Windproof Travel Umbrella in ten colors

One of the worst parts of umbrellas is when you get to your destination, and you have to figure out what to do with your sopping wet umbrella. This umbrella from LANBRELLA has an inverted closing design, meaning when you close it, the wet part of the umbrella is on the inside, not on the outside. You’ll be able to easily fold it up, and store it on the floor, on a chair, or even in your bag without worrying about things getting wet. It opens and closes easily with the push of a button. It’s available in twenty-seven colors and patterns. 

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Home-X Clear Bubble Umbrella

Home-X Clear Bubble Umbrella

I have to admit, I’m always a little envious whenever I see someone with a clear umbrella, especially when I am traveling. There is something about holding a regular umbrella that makes you keep your head down and not look where you are going. This clear umbrella will allow you to see what is around you, is sturdy, won’t flip inside out, and will keep you nice and dry on the rainiest of days. 

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