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14 Unique Advent Calendars for Everyone in Your Family

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When I was a kid, we would get a new advent calendar every year, and my four siblings and I would have a schedule for who opened each day. Those calendars were simple: you opened the little cardboard door, to reveal a Christmas-related picture like a wreath or a stocking. These days, retailers have really upped the Advent calendar game, with each day revealing an extravagant treat for people of all ages: toys, chocolate, wine, and even whiskey! Several of them are twelve days instead of the traditional twenty-four but are just as fun, you can always get two twelve-day ones to cover the entire advent period! Here are some of the best Advent Calendars you can get for 2021. 

12 Days of Hot Sauce Advent Calendar

Heat things up with this advent calendar, where you get a new hot sauce each day. Flavors like Habanero, Carolina Reaper, and Wasabi will add some spice to your holiday season! 

Harry Potter: Holiday Magic Advent Calendar

Wizards and witches will love this twenty-five-day Harry Potter advent calendar. Each day, you will be treated with a special Harry Potter-themed gift, like buttons, recipe cards and key chains—all featuring characters and items from your favorite series. 

Star Wars: The Galactic Advent Calendar

While we are on the nerdier side of things, this Star Wars calendar is perfect for the Star War fans in your life. Brought to you by the same company as the Harry Potter calendar, this calendar features small Star Wars-themed gifts for twenty-five days. 

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Disney: Storybook Collection Advent Calendar

Kids will love this storybook advent calendar from Disney. Each day, your child will get a new, twenty-four-page book featuring their favorite characters at Christmastime. Kids will love counting down to Christmas!  

Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar

Try a new whiskey every day during advent with this whiskey advent calendar. It makes a great gift, too, as, besides the whiskey, it includes a Glencairn glass, a coaster, a tasting notes booklet, plus a club membership giving you special discounts for a year! It is on the pricier side, but it’s whiskey! 

NYX Professional Make-Up Beauty Advent Calendar

A great way to refresh your makeup bag, while having something to look forward to every day! The NYX Professional Make-Up Advent Calendar comes with lip glosses, eye shadows, a pore filler, and more. 

Godiva Holiday Luxury Chocolate Advent Calendar

Perhaps the most traditional of the “luxury” advent calendar is a chocolate advent calendar, and we like to add a little extra by making sure the chocolate is delicious (and not the waxy chocolate you can get with some cheaper advent calendars), which is why we love the Godiva Advent Calendar. You will get one different chocolate each day—from dark, milk to white—all in different shapes with fillings. 

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LEGO Advent Calendar

There are so many amazing LEGO advent calendars this year, we couldn’t just pick one! This year, choose from City, Friends, Harry Potter, Star Wars, or The Avengers. Each day, get a new LEGO to play with throughout the season (and beyond!) 

Beer Advent Calendar

Treat yourself or someone you love to the twelve highest-rated craft beers of the year with this advent calendar from Get stouts, IPA’s, ales and more to satisfy your beer taste this holiday season. 

Wine Advent Calendar

Enjoy a new half bottle of wine each night with this advent calendar. You’ll find a mix of reds, whites, and sparkling wines from some of your favorite brands, including Josh, Francis Coppola, J. Lohr, and more. 

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Nothing quite says the holidays like cookies. With this advent calendar from Harry & David, you’ll be able to sit down after a long day of holiday preparation, and enjoy a cookie. Flavors include gingerbread sandwich cookies, dark chocolate-covered peppermint cookies, and vanilla shortbread. 

Game of Thrones Socks Advent Calendar

Socks are typically a laughable Christmas gift – a stocking stuffer almost everyone gets, yet, a necessity. Jazz things up a bit this year with this Game of Thrones Socks Advent calendar. Each day you’ll find a new pair of GoT-themed socks to keep you cozy throughout the holiday season! 

24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar

The holidays are the perfect time of year to curl up with a cup of tea, and if you are someone who likes a variety of tea flavors, this advent calendar is for you. You’ll get a mix of teas ranging from Chinese black tea to Scandinavian tea with cranberry and elderflower.

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Christmas Coffee Advent Calendar

For coffee lovers, there is this advent calendar that will delight your taste buds every morning. You’ll find a different k-cup and creamer that pairs with it every day, like Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Coffee with Cinnamon Vanilla Creamer or Peppermint Bark Coffee with Peppermint Mocha Creamer. 

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