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10 Ways to Take Better Vacation Photos

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Our smartphones are increasingly doing it all. They’re our computers, TVs and stereos. They’re where we get our information and where we document our day-to-day. Yet, up until recently, smartphones weren’t known for their quality photography.

But that’s changing with better smartphones and even better smartphone accessories. Want to take better family vacation photos, but don’t want to schlep a DSLR camera around? These smartphone gadgets and accessories let you take smartphone photography to the next level and then share it with the world. Bonus: They make great gifts for wanderlust teens!

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1. Zeso Lens Kit

Know how a photo can get blurry if you zoom in on something far away with your phone camera? If you attach this telephoto lens, everything comes into focus. You can zoom in on that far-off mountain or animal without degrading the quality of the image. This Zeso lens kit comes with a telephoto, macro and a wide angle lens that all attach to your smartphone. Between those three, your travel photos should be postcard perfect. Plus, unlike other smartphone lenses, Zeso attaches to almost any phone or tablet. So you won’t need to buy brand new lenses when you get a new phone.

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2. Xenvo Shutterbug

No need to figure out who will hold the camera during the group picture anymore. The Xenvo Shutterbug is a bluetooth control camera remote. It allows you to trigger the camera’s shutter without having to touch the screen. Pair it with Xenvo’s Squidgrip tripod to set up the perfect family shot.

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3. Lume Cube Air Smartphone Light & Mounting Kit

If your nighttime and low light shots don’t always come out great on a smartphone, try using an attachable smartphone light to vastly improve those evening shots. At only 2 ounces, the Lume Cube Air is easy to bring along, and a built-in magnet allows you to attach it to any metal surface. Experiment with the included color diffusers to soften the lighting, too.

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4. Catalyst Waterproof Phone Case

The worry of getting phones wet has decreased with the release of the iPhone 7/7 Plus. Apple’s iPhones can now be submerged in just over 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. But if you want to take it snorkeling or diving, or keep it safe when you’re boating or surfing, you’ll need to upgrade your gear. With complete touch screen functionality, the Catalyst Waterproof Case lets you take awesome underwater shots, down to 33 feet below the surface.

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5. Olloclip Lens

Looking to make your smartphone travel snaps Instagram-worthy? The Olloclip Core Lens Set should meet your social media needs, making you the envy of your Facebook feed. Experiment with the fisheye lens. It adds a fun, distorted element to photos. Then there’s the wide angle lens for those take-your-breath-away expansive scenery shots. A macro lens captures all the delicate details of something right in front of you, like an exotic flower.

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6. Flipod Smart Selfie Stick

Always be ready for your close-up with this Flipod selfie-stick. Whether you’re looking to take the perfect family photo in front of the Eiffel Tower or a solo shot in the wilderness, this selfie stick is easy to use, works with most phones, and folds up to fit into your pocket.

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7. Joby Gorillapod Tripod

One secret to superb shots is keeping the camera steady. This is especially true at night when the camera needs to use a slower shutter speed to gather more light. To avoid camera shake, pick up a tripod. The compact, flexible Gorillapod can be set up in just about any situation. Wrap it around a railing or a branch, and adjust the legs for composition control.

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8. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Compatible with both iPhones and Android, Xenvo has one of the best reviewed smartphone lens kits on Amazon. About 75 percent of the more than 1,000 reviewers give it a 5, the highest rating. It comes with a 45 wide angle lens and a 15 macro lens in a hard-shell case. Another perk? Xenvo offers a free lifetime warranty on all of their smartphone accessories.

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9. IVY Portable Phone Printer

For many, the downside of digital is that we no longer print photos. Canon’s new portable printer will help you take it old-school while using the latest Bluetooth technology. Bring it to a family gathering or reunion and make sure everyone leaves with a photo in their pocket and a smile on their face. The small 2X3 photos or stickers also make a fun addition to kids’ party goodie bags.

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10. Aura Frame

The Aura digital photo frame lets you show off your travel memories or share them as they’re happening with a loved one far away. Once the frame is connected to Wi-Fi, you can send an unlimited amount of photos to it from anywhere in the world via the Aura app. Stand in front of the frame and a motion sensor lets you wave your hand to the side to see the next or the previous photo. Wave your hand up to get information about where each photo was taken.

Another fun feature? Multiple people can send photos to the frame from their own phones. The frame can be set up in either portrait or landscape mode by repositioning the kickstand, and the clear, high resolution digital images are picture perfect.

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