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What to Pack for a Disney Cruise: The Ultimate Packing List

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Not sure what to pack for your upcoming Disney cruise? We’ve compiled the ultimate packing list, with everything from embarkation day essentials to the always-important stateroom décor.

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What to Pack for a Disney Cruise: Embarkation Day Essentials

When it comes to cruising, you need to prioritize what you’ll be carrying on to the ship. Most cruise lines will take your luggage directly from the airport or cruise terminal to your stateroom. While this makes your arrival to the ship super easy, it also means you won’t see your bags for a few hours—especially with everyone boarding at the same time. Pack these essentials in a day bag so you don’t have to wait to start your vacation!

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What to Pack for a Disney Cruise: Disney Gear

Part of the fun of a Disney cruise is dressing up in Disney gear and decking out your stateroom! If traveling with extended family or friends, here’s a cute idea: buy pocket hangers with name tags to hang on the outside of everyone’s doors. During the day, you can leave small gifts or candy inside the pockets so that when everyone returns, they’ll find a fun surprise waiting.

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What to Pack for a Disney Cruise: Themed Nights

On nearly all of the Disney cruises, there is a theme night—typically a pirate theme (but double check before you sail). On seven-night cruises, there is oftentimes a formal dinner night as well.

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What to Pack for a Disney Cruise: Warm-Weather Cruises

Disney Cruise Line sails to many warm-weather destinations, including the Caribbean, Mexico, Bermuda, Hawaii, and through the Panama Canal. Be prepared with these items.

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What to Pack for a Disney Cruise: Cold-Weather Cruises

Disney Cruise Line also sails to a few cold-weather destinations, such as Alaska and Canada; however, the temperatures can vary greatly on these cruises. In this case, packing layers is the best thing you can do. Also consider your excursions when packing. If you’ll be doing activities in the snow, don’t forget to pack your winter gear.

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What to Pack for a Disney Cruise: European Cruises

Disney Cruise Line sails to several European destinations, such as Greece, Italy, England, Norway, France, and Ireland. Your family will want to determine the temperature for your European port destinations and pack all the clothing essentials for that climate. Here are a few essentials to get you started.

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What to Pack for a Disney Cruise: Dining Attire

Dining attire varies by ship, cruise and restaurant, but on most nights, families will eat in the main dining rooms, where attire is cruise casual (slightly dressed up). Swimwear and tank tops are not permitted in the main dining rooms.

All of the ships also offer exclusive, adults-only restaurants for an additional charge. These restaurants are more elegant and have a dress code, so be sure to check the dress code for your specific ship and restaurant, as they vary. In general, no flip flops, sneakers, hats, shorts or torn clothing are permitted in the adults-only restaurants.

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What Not to Pack for a Disney Cruise

Disney takes care of everything and everyone. They will even puree your baby’s food! That said, you can and should leave some things behind when leaving for a Disney cruise. Here are some items Disney asks that you leave at home as they are not permitted onboard.

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