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Atlantis Submarine


Atlantis Submarine

Nassau, New Providence Island

Nassau’s New Providence Island also has its fair share of adventure. Just ask James Bond. Favorite snorkeling sites include relics from the filming of two James Bond films. Tears of Allah is a 100-foot, steel-hulled freighter that was used to transport nuclear weapons in “Never Say Never Again.” The wreck is easily visible from the surface. Nearby, the Vulcan bomber is a movie prop where Bond eluded a tiger shark in “Thunderball.” To see these same sites at 80 feet below the water, without the use of a regulator and an oxygen tank, step onboard the Atlantis Submarine. The Atlantis is not some toy found in a theme park — it’s a real submarine that dives deep below the surface for a 50-minute journey around the spectacular reefs of Nassau. You won’t see any huge octopi, but you will see a fair amount of fish and the occasional shark.

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