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Edinburgh Old Town


Edinburgh Old Town

Old town, Edinburgh, EH1

Cobblestoned, hilly, medieval streets wind through Edinburgh Old Town making you fill like you have entered a different period of time in Europe or perhaps you’ve landed inside a Harry Potter novel. This is Edinburgh’s oldest neighborhood, which dates back to before the 1200s. However, the buildings are not as old. Most of the buildings in Old Town are “newer” dating back to the 1800s after a fire destroyed much of the city. Following the Great Fire, the city’s ground level was changed and passages, vaults, and underground spaces were created. It’s also an area of town that has several bridges, but there is no water. There may be a street above or below you as you walk around town! In Old Town, families will find the Grassmarket and Edinburgh Castle, and numerous shops and restaurants surrounded by medieval architecture no matter where you turn.

Things to Know/Bring: Pushing a stroller could be a challenge in Old Town as the streets can be narrow, uphill, cobblestoned and sometimes require stairs to get to a lower or upper level of the street. Old Town is not the easiest to navigate but it is easy to embrace getting lost and discovering something great around the corner.