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Galway Bay Boat Tours


Galway Bay Boat Tours

Long Walk 11 New Dock Street, New Docks, Galway

An ideal way to see Galway and its coastline is by boat with Galway Bay Boat Tours. It is actually the only boat tour available in Galway. Galway was once a seafaring city, but in recent years, the bay has been over-fished and the younger generations have lost interest in boating. Galway Bay Boat Tours doesn’t want that to happen and wants visitors (as well as locals) to experience Galway from the water.

Fishing and boating goes back for generations in this family-run company, which offers one- and two-hour boat tours, fishing adventures and more. In the two-hour tour, families can learn about the traditional fishing boat, the Galway Hooker, and how in recent years there has been a revival for the boat and Galway residences are constructing new Hookers.

Or the boat tour can include part of the Claddagh Village, which was once the center of the fishing industry in Galway. Meet your captain, hop on the boat and then enjoy the bay breeze and idyllic views of Galway from the water.


Weekdays at 10 a.m. but tours can be tailored to your specific group or schedule. Reservations are required.

Things to Know/Bring

The boat departs from the end of the Long Walk and specific directions are provided to you at booking. Life jackets are provided and required to be worn. The boats can fit about eight to 11 people. To board the boat, families will have to walk down a set of stone stairs with no railing to reach the boat. You don’t board at a traditional dock, but you are fully assisted by staff while walking down the stairs and getting onto the boat. Strollers cannot be used, however.


Parking near the dock is available.

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